Trying Trinny London Makeup

Ever since I opened up my bright yellow box from Trinny London, I haven’t looked back. I knew I was going to love these products but I truly underestimated just how much I’d adore them! What surprised me the most was actually what products I’ve been reaching for every day, rather than what I thought I was going to love. I uploaded a true unboxing and first impressions onto my youtube channel where I mentioned that the quality of the packaging and product felt much more luxurious than I had expected. This is not a bad thing, as I’d consider the price as high end. As I briefly mentioned above, I was surprised by the products I enjoyed in comparison to what I had expected to love from my order. Which we will ultimately get into in this blog post, as I’ve had a few months to play with the formulas and textures.

Miracle Blur

The Miracle Blur was last on my to-try list from the range, and it practically ended up in my cart as a last-minute add on. It is an incredibly dense putty-like balm that smoothes over fine lines and pores on the skin. I believe it is designed to be used over the top of your foundation, and in following Trinny Woodall’s tutorials, that’s how she prefers to use it. I tried it over and under my foundation and found that I like to use it more like a traditional primer. I prefer it this way because it is easier to see what I want to blur, and when using this texture after applying your base product, it sheered out the coverage that I had applied. But either way, it does exactly what it is designed to do, as I’m sure you can see for yourself in the before and after pictures.

BFF De-Stress Serum + BFF Serum Concealer

The BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum was THE product that attracted me to the brand. Everything about the formula sounded dreamy. Although it has quite a buzz word heavy name, it is simply a lightweight tinted moisturiser. It has a hydrating formula that evens out the skin tone and some sort of technology (NP-TriOX) that helps to re-energize and plump the skin. I adore the finish of this foundation as it ticks all the boxes. You get an even coverage, smoother looking pores and a glass skin finish without feeling like you have anything on! It feels so undetectable, that I didn’t think the before and after pictures would show much of a difference at all, but it so clearly transforms my skin.

Also, you do get a free T-pot alongside your de-stress purchase so you can add this product to your trinny stack.

Now, the concealer on the other hand is a massive no from me. I have nothing much to say other than it does…nothing. It has a thick mousse-like consistency, but it blends into thin air. That’s all I can really say haha! It’s almost as though the tinted moisturiser has more coverage, and that seems pointless to me. I had a comment on my youtube video saying to use it under the BFF serum but I still got nothing when I applied it this way, and I was SO RELIEVED when I saw Alana Davison try it and have the same experience. Clearly, I would not recommend this.

Eye2Eye Cream Eyeshadows – Wisdom, Mystery, Queen & Emperor (Left to Right)

The Eye2Eye’s, alongside the Lip2Cheeks are probably what truly launched the brand into the spotlight. I have personally never been attracted to the stackable/on the go packaging, as being travel friendly is just not something I look for when it comes to makeup. The brands whole objective is quick and easy makeup, that you can apply with fingers and go. But as a makeup lover who wakes up early just to experience the application of makeup and play with products, it did deter me from the brand early on. But by looking at the products for what they are on their own, I love the idea of it.

Wisdom and Mystery are the cult favourite Eye2Eye shades for light-medium skin tones and I understand why! They have the perfect balance of pigment and shine and they add an effortless sheen to the lid. I am loving those two shades for a quick eye look that lasts all day without creasing. And the rich dark brown, Emperor, works to smoke out the other shades for a seamless day to night transition.

On the other hand, the shade Queen is a slightly different formula and it let me down. The copper base colour is sheerer than the other Eye2eyes, and a sparse rose gold glitter runs through it. The combination of the two textures leaves the product looking incredibly uneven and patchy on the eye, and it’s ugly… So in saying that, some of the shades aren’t as outstanding as others

Eyetallic Eyeshadow – Minerva (Bottom swatch)

Out of everything I ordered, THIS is the product that I have been reaching for almost every day. On the website, they are described as a cream to powder formula, but they ultimately just feel like a classic pressed pigment. They even have a sponge topper to keep the sparkle intact! It comes across quite warm in the swatch but it is a little more neutral in real life, and every time I feel like an eyeshadow look needs a little extra sparkle, I go out of my way to dig this out of my collection. I don’t know how else to express my love for this product other than AHHH! I want them to make more shades, and I will eventually collect them all!!!

Golden Glow Gel Bronzer – Gaia

Alongside the BFF Serum, I had my eye on this cream bronzer from the beginning. The best word to describe the texture of this product is ‘Gel’, as it has an almost watery consistency to it. If I had known the product was as sheer as it is, I probably would have bitten the bullet and purchased the next shade down, as Gaia only just suits me when I am tan free. The next shade down is also the darkest, so the variety is a little eh for this product, but that doesn’t translate with the rest of the brand (thank god). I do love this bronzey balm formula, but I find I have to use quite a lot of it to get my desired look.

Lip2Cheek Cream Pigments – VeeBee & Freddie (Left to Middle)

These lip and cheek colours are delicious! I just knew they were going to wow me and I give them a 10/10. The finish is incredibly buildable, but you rarely go overboard as once you’ve applied, it settles down to a powder texture. In saying that, regardless of how it sets down, I’ve found I can still apply over the top of powder products without seeing any cakiness. And in my eyes, that’s a successful cream blush formula. It does not budge and continues to give a soft sheen to the cheeks all day long!

VeeBee is a vibrant, yet wearable peachy coral and Freddie is a rich berry. Freddie is a colour that is a little out of my comfort zone, but I have been LOVING it on the lips with a nude brown lip liner. As much as I don’t fancy a lip to cheek product as a lip colour alone, these do last well and leave a comfortable stain.

Flush Blush Cream Pigment – Smoogie (Last on the Right)

Although this is Trinny Londons BLUSH ONLY formula, it has a lot of similarities to the Lip2Cheeks. The flush blush formulas are slightly thicker and the pigment packs more of a punch. But the more I tried it, the more I found it to act almost identically to the other cheek products but with more impact. I originally had my eye on the shade Katrin, a cool-toned rose, but it is the most popular flush blush (no surprise there) and it was sold out when I finally decided to make my order. I opted for Schmoogie instead and it’s a plum shade that I can’t decide if I like on me, but I can still tell the formula is great and find I can pull it off when I have a little bit of a tan.

I feel like there is so much info I’ve probably left out about this brand, but this post would turn out too long if I included it all, so please do ask me any questions if I’ve left anything out!! Love you guys and I hope you enjoyed reading xoxoxxox
Lily R

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