Lime Crime Haul | Freckle Pen, Bushy Brow Pen & More

It’s probably been a little while since you’ve seen Lime Crime making the rounds on social media, but they have managed to sneak their way back into my feed. It’s no secret that they kill it with the cute packaging and trendy products, but we havent forgotten about their troubled past.

To my knowledge, in 2017 Doe Deere stepped down as CEO after a pattern of problematic behaviour. From profiting of cultural appropriation, to putting their customers security at risk, many made the decision to boy-cott the brand and demanded transparency.
Although she stepped down after the fact, Deere was still involved in the day-to-day management of the brand. That was all until recently! She is no longer associated with the brand as it has been sold to Tengram. They brand is putting growing and making an effort to right their wrongs and move forward with complete transparancy.

I feel as though I had to put that little disclaimer in as I was one of the many who boy-cott the brand, and a few people have asked me why I am supporting them again.

On with the haul…

  • Bushy Brow Gel
    I origionally found my way to the Lime Crime website as I wanted to purchase the freckle pen, but I found myselfbrowsing their brow products. These brow gels stood out to me as I love skinny wands because I can really plump and shape my brow hairs with maximum control. I purchased these in ‘Clear’ and ‘Brownie’.
  • Bushy Brow Pen in ‘Smokey’
    Once again, I couldn’t click away from the brow range. I had never tried a brow pen before and the only one I knew of was the glossier brow flick. As this isn’t available in Australia I thought that this one might fit the bill. They didn’t have the shade brownie in stock so I picked up smokey, which unfortunately is a little too dark, but I’ll do my best to get use out of it.
  • Freckle Pen in ‘Cocoa’
    I haven’t had this for long but it has become a staple in my collection. Origionally, I was using a brow pencil to create my freckles but they always seemed to rub off by the end of the day. Luckily, this doesn’t happen with the freckle pen as the consistency is thinner and tint like, and it is super easy to work with. You can achieve a variety of different looks with this pen and I’ve found it applies best over skin that’s bare or powdered down. This could be frustrating for those who layer on their cream products, but I feel that may be the case with most freckle pens.
  • Venus XS Holiday Palette in ‘Vixen’
    I had never tried any shadows from Lime Crime, so I saw these cute little holiday quads on sale and thought it’d be the perfect oppertunity to try them out. The colours in this quad range in textures and finishes and I’ll definately have to play around with them soon!
  • Velvetines Lip Creme in ‘Squash’
    This colour may be hard to pull off on the lips, but I was so attracted to it and wanted to use it as an eyeshadow. The formula is a little more greasy than I thought it would be for a liquid lippy but it would still work on the eyes as a base, although do use at your own discression. I am not shy of a bold lip either and can imagine this looking super unique blended over a brown lip liner.
  • Aquarium Brush Set
    This was THE best free gift I have ever recieved in my life! Lime Crime really impressed me with these brushes, not only because they were free, but because the quality is insane. These synthetic brushes are so soft and effortless to use. The small eye brushes have become the first I reach for with creating any eye look and I feel so many things about the cute handles (and brush case!).

That’s it for my haul! I can’t say anything bad about the products I recieved and it was worth the wait on shipping from California.

Thanks for reading,
Lily R xx

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