Winter Secondhand Haul! Savers + Depop

Back with ANOTHER secondhand haul.

This one comes with sad news…
I broke my streak of only buying secondhand clothing all year but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop. Every now and again Youtuber and Influencer Mika Francis comes out with clothing designs, and I am a sucker for them. I caved.
But I know with her clothing items they are extremely limited and are truly one of a kind. So I’ll have them forever.

This haul is a collective one of the bits and pieces I purchased secondhand for winter and throughout. All I can say is that I can’t wait for the sun to come back.




Monochrome Check Cropped Skirt –
This skirt was originally from target so I was actually quite surprised at the quality. When I was rummaging around savers I had the Groovin’ festival in the back of my mind, and this piece made the fit I wore on the day.



Black Button Down Skirt –
I accidentally went skirt crazy! Not only would this skirt be CUTE AND COSY with some tights in the winter, but I knew it would come in handy for the summer months for quick & casual ootd’s. This outfit was actually what I wore to see Kacey Musgraves if you haven’t seen that post!


Navy Polka-dot Maxi Skirt –
This one was originally from sports girl and wasn’t in that great condition. But I told the girl at the counter and asked her to bring it down to $5.99 from $12.99, but instead she said she would take it down to $2 and I couldn’t complain. LUCKILY I know how to sew a few buttons back on!



Dusty Pink Eyelet Jumper –
I love these kinds of jumpers and have picked up quite a few from Savers. This one is a little more light weight, so I haven’t worn it as much as I’d hoped too because I freeze my t*ts off in it! haha


Berry Turtle Neck Knit –
THIS is my favourite purchase. I can’t begin to tell you how cosy and FLUFFY this is! You can probably just imagine how velvety it is from how it looks, I love it so much and will lounge in it for the rest of my life!


Wine Red Polka-dot Jumpsuit –
This jumpsuit was a cute find! It is a size 14 and is just a tad big on me but I think I can make it work. The extra room would make it a good outfit for fancy dinners because I can eat and eat and eat and it’ll still look nice!



Black Body con Dress with Waist Tie –
I was so excited about finding this as I have so many 21st coming up this year and I feel like this is the perfect dress. Possibly paired with a bright pair of heels, or a bright lip.



Belt Bumbag with Silver Chain –
This was too cute and also super perfect for Groovin’ Fest! It is surprisingly so easy to style as you can take the two pieces apart and wear them individually.



Bright Yellow Ellesse Hoodie –
I went hoodie CRAZY on Depop because all of mine from the year before managed to turn into pyjama jumpers. I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about this one for a while because it is such a loud colour and I wasn’t sure how to style it. BUT I’m glad I did.
I still don’t really know how to style it but it’s truly THE warmest thing I own.



Turquoise Benetton Pullover-
This jumper is so unique! I’ve never seen anything like it and I had to have it!



Fila Grey Hoodie –
This has come in handy to just throw on when I head to the gym or if I get chilly around the house. It was super cheap so I’m content haha!


Floral Punk Chain Crossbody Bag –
I didn’t know much about the brand but google told me it was made in Vietnam and I don’t think you can purchase in Australia. It is so stunning and in perfect condition.

I hope you enjoyed reading!
Please comment and let me know if there is any content you’d like to see from me because I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump, don’t be shy :))))

Lily R xx

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