A View of January ’19: New Year No Buy + Bates Motel

As I’m sitting here thinking about how to summarise January I’m surprisingly overwhelmed! I guess I’ll start with my NEW YEAR NO BUY goal. I decided to challenge myself to not purchase any clothes AT ALL for all of January, this includes secondhand. And I f**king KILLED IT. This might seem like such a simple task for the average Joe, but to know me is to know I love a bit of retail therapy. So I was pretty pleased with myself to not give in to the temptation, although, I didn’t feel too much of it as every time an event/occasion came up I made an effort to pull out clothes that haven’t had much of a life and gave them some time to shine. This no buy has come to an end but my next challenge is to ONLY BUY clothes second hand all year!


My best friend and I managed to hit up a couple sustainability festivals. We listened to some talks on building a sustainable home and how to turn food waste into vinegar’s, AND then what to do with those vinegar’s when the process is complete. We then headed into St Kilda and stopped at the Matcha Mylkbar, an all-vegan cafe. I had wanted to go there for a while and my heart and soul needed a burger like never before and it HIT THE S P O T. I actually fancied this burger more than usual because it had FAVA BEANS in it, which sounds strange but it adds a nice crunch to it and I can’t stop thinking about it. My mouth is watering writing this…..

Invasion day came around and this is a sad day for the traditional owners of this land. I had the weekend off work and had some friends over for some drinks. We ate a shit tonne of my current favourite party food = CHEEZELS.

The night came to an end and I kissed my cat Presley on the head and went to bed, not knowing he wouldn’t be there when I woke up.

The little sh*t knows how to OPEN DOORS.

I forgot to lock it and when I saw the back door wide open in the morning my heart jumped out of my chest. I spent the whole day walking around my streets with his favourite little thing-a-ma-jig with a bell on it that used to be a toy.
I’m so thankful to all my friends who helped me share that he was missing on Facebook and all the tips I received. A lot of people recommended calling him from 2am as the streets are less loud and scary for him, and I sat up with the doors open until 4am and started to lose hope. When I got up to go to sleep I glanced over at the back door and there he was having dinner. I HATED him so much but was SO GLAD he was home.

This months MUSIC shook my whole world.

  • HOZIER blessed us with his velvet voice.
  • BROODS stunned us with a new album AND a tour.
  • VAMPIRE WEEKEND ( Idk why this isn’t the first dot point because it should be!!) CAME OUT OF THE SHADOWS AND I PUT MY 2013 FAN GIRL BOOTS BACK ON.
  • JADE BIRD was the go-to girl for this month as I fell in love with her sweet-sounding SHARP tongue.

I spent the last weeks of January sick and not so enthusiastically finished two series…
I’M SO SAD that I finished Gilmore Girls!! I merely played the episodes for some gentle background noise and all of a sudden I was at the finale. I know I can just watch the new mini-series they produced but it’s not the same….. I miss it so much.

I also finished Bates Motel which I LOVED! I didn’t really vibe with the characters aka Norma in the beginning but I grew to love her so much. They are all so perfect for their roles I can’t imagine them ever playing any other characters, I just adored the whole thing and I ALSO feel a bit sad about finishing this one.


I fell in LOVE with the “She’s all fat” Podcast! These two women have very thoughtful and insightful perspectives I need to hear in my day-to-day.

That is one long post !! Hope you managed to get through it.
Lily and R.

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