What I Wore: King Princess at The Forum

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I don’t know how many more times it will be acceptable for me to start a blog post with “This is my first …… post” BUT THIS IS ANOTHER!
This is my first OOTD (or better, outfit of the NIGHT) that I’ve done.
I just have to say I hope it’s a good post, I had done my makeup in the morning all glam hoping it’d last me through my whole shift and into the night for the concert, RUSHED HOME to put on my get up and somehow ate some Chinese for dinner all at the same time.


What I’m Wearing:

Bardot Sonia Bodysuit in Black-
These bodies are my ALL TIME fav basics! I have them in four colours and they are such a flattering cut for me. Easy to dress up and dress down, you will find me wearing them everywhere. For us ladies who love a BRA-LESS LOOK, these are double layered so you can be free without feeling too exposed.

Alice In The Eve Asymmetrical Skirt in Navy-
This DEEP BLUE DREAM of a skirt has been with me through some rough nights of clubbing, as a casual bikini cover-up on my Whitsundays holiday and I was more than happy to introduce it to my concert situation. It is such an effortless way to make an outfit more interesting and it’s also a comfortable stretchy material so you can DANCE like no one’s looking!


Famous Footwear Acting Boot in Black-
I was so surprised I could still find a link for these boots online as I have had them since I was in year 11, so they are almost 4 years old! They aren’t IDEALLY the most STYLISH choice for this outfit but they are my go too’s for concerts so I have a bit of extra height to see the stage without having to endure the pain of heels.



Finishing Touches –

Leopard Print Scrunchie-
Stole this one off my sister soooo…… I linked some random one on ASOS haha!
Huda Beauty Liquid Lip in ‘Trendsetter”-
I quickly put this on as it’s my perfect nude and I don’t have to think about how it looks throughout the night.
Giorgio Armani Si Perfumed Body Lotion-
You’ve most likely smelt this peachy scent before as its super popular!

That’s it !! I had a good old GAY time at her concert, the crowd f*****g sucked as they weren’t even dancing but that DID NOT stop me, I definitely had no filter after two Smirnoff’s and expressed my frustration with the people around me to my friend…… for everyone to hear OOPS. Nothing bad if I remember correctly, something along the lines of “Why the f**k is nobody dancing”. We then proceeded to keep the theme of the night on the way home and listened to a playlist on Spotify called “Songs about p**sy”, is that too inappropriate for a blog post???? Probably.

Thank you for reading!
Lily And R.

3 responses to “What I Wore: King Princess at The Forum”

  1. As someone with anxiety, it really annoys me when no one else is dancing because I feel like therefore I cannot dance. I am glad you do not feel that way and just dance it out because I feel like not dancing ruins the concert experience at times. xx


    • It takes confidence but with time you will start to just not care! Sometimes I’ve been to concerts where you don’t interact with anyone and you’ll never see them again, And I’ve been to concerts where I’ve just been myself and people want to be your friend! Concerts are a good place to start challenging your self confidence.

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