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  • My Last Colourpop Order

    My Last Colourpop Order

    Although dramatic, the title is true! This year I’ve officially gone on a makeup no-buy, as I have accumulated too much stuff that I need to start making my way through. This Colourpop order was somewhat of a last hurrah before the big commitment and honestly, it was so disappointing. Although it may seem trivial,…

  • Makeup Of The Day: Valentines day 🌷

    Makeup Of The Day: Valentines day 🌷

    When I think of Valentine’s day, a picnic in spring comes to mind. It’s never been about gifts and girlfriends for me as I’ve always been without a partner (don’t feel sorry for me because it isn’t sad!), but I still make time to do something special. Whether it’s getting glam to feel like a…