Instagram Giveaway (CLOSED)| Aus Only

This past year I have received so much love on my beauty content and I am so grateful for all of the lovely mutuals I have made that share my love for makeup and skincare. Whether it be here on my Blog, my Youtube channel or my Instagram, I wanted to give back for the support I’ve received. So I’ve been collecting some of my all-time favourite affordable products, alongside some random bits I have received and accidentally over-ordered (lol), to be able to put together a giveaway!

I have uploaded the giveaway post with the rules, and will put together a highlight explaining some of the products I’ve included and why. Unfortunately, as I am still a small creator this will only be run within Australia but my international friends don’t go un-noticed xx

Thank you for all your love,
Lily R.

HUGE MAKEUP HAUL | Mecca, Sephora & Priceline

For my birthday this year, I asked for vouchers galore and I can’t deny that I was spoilt rotten! I didn’t share this everywhere but I lost my job a few months ago, and this obviously threw my budget for makeup in the bin as I have to prioritize normal life expenses. In saying this, I decided that I was only going to let myself splurge once a year and maybe dip my toes in at Christmas time, as makeup is a passion and hobby for me. So in this haul is a bunch of products I had been eyeing for quite a while from Mecca, Priceline and Sephora.

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