Disappointing Products I Tried In 2020

This past year has been disappointing in almost all aspects of life and yet to be completely honest, I feel like makeup releases were on the bottom of the list. We had an influx of new brands, influencer collaborations and incredible new formulas. Most products were outstanding, but in true 2020 spirit I picked out a few that really frustrated me, their performance and hype just didn’t add up! Let’s get into it…

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HUGE MAKEUP HAUL | Mecca, Sephora & Priceline

For my birthday this year, I asked for vouchers galore and I can’t deny that I was spoilt rotten! I didn’t share this everywhere but I lost my job a few months ago, and this obviously threw my budget for makeup in the bin as I have to prioritize normal life expenses. In saying this, I decided that I was only going to let myself splurge once a year and maybe dip my toes in at Christmas time, as makeup is a passion and hobby for me. So in this haul is a bunch of products I had been eyeing for quite a while from Mecca, Priceline and Sephora.

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