Summer Reading Wrap up ’19

As you can see……..
This summers reading was a bit of a FLOP.

The start of the year is always hectic mentally and physically, and to be honest I feel like I spent the whole summer being LAZY because it was too hot to do anything. I don’t even remember leaving my house or even going to the beach I just did NOTHING haha! You’d think with all that lounging around I’d get some reading done but NOPE, like I said it was a floppppppppppp. Continue reading Summer Reading Wrap up ’19

Boxing Day Haul Finally!! ASOS, Gym Shark, Books + Things

Everybody knows that 2018 was BELOW AVERAGE, to say the least right?? So I had a major treat-yourself moment in December… Continue reading Boxing Day Haul Finally!! ASOS, Gym Shark, Books + Things

Spring Reading Wrap Up ’19

I do not read enough books to do a monthly round-up kind of vibe so I decided to do it by season! These are the books I spent time with while the flowers were blooming and the nights were getting brighter. If you have any comments on the structure of these posts please feel free to leave them as I’m not much of a book blogger, Y’all book people on word press are talented. Continue reading Spring Reading Wrap Up ’19