Review | Kaleidos Escape Pod Palette

The indie makeup brand Kaleidos came out of nowhere and truly took the world by storm! With their powerful pigments and psychedelic packaging, they really make a statement.

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A Week In Looks | Flower beauty, Kaleidos Makeup, Limecrime & More…

I was feeling a little lost and in a rut when it came to being creative with my makeup, especially because brands have started to roll out their new releases and holiday collections! As exciting as this is, it can sometimes get a little chaotic. So I decided to take a step back from the Youtube and Instagram beauty world as it can get a little product heavy and trend focused, and I wanted to just play around with makeup and wear what I WANT haha!

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HUGE MAKEUP HAUL | Mecca, Sephora & Priceline

For my birthday this year, I asked for vouchers galore and I can’t deny that I was spoilt rotten! I didn’t share this everywhere but I lost my job a few months ago, and this obviously threw my budget for makeup in the bin as I have to prioritize normal life expenses. In saying this, I decided that I was only going to let myself splurge once a year and maybe dip my toes in at Christmas time, as makeup is a passion and hobby for me. So in this haul is a bunch of products I had been eyeing for quite a while from Mecca, Priceline and Sephora.

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Lime Crime Haul | Freckle Pen, Bushy Brow Pen & More

It’s probably been a little while since you’ve seen Lime Crime making the rounds on social media, but they have managed to sneak their way back into my feed. It’s no secret that they kill it with the cute packaging and trendy products, but we havent forgotten about their troubled past.

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Empties: Skincare Staples + Setting Sprays

This empties post is coming to you with a side of sadness because I finished up some of my absolute staples. I like to constantly try new things so I will have to kiss these products goodbye and possibly meet them again in the future haha.

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