This or That | Cruelty Free Cleansing oil | Frank body VS Raww Cosmetics

I have been a fan of makeup removing cloths and face halo’s for quite a while now, and mostly started using them to reduce my ethical footprint. But I can’t deny that with being in my early 20’s, it means I can now start to see the physical changes of my skin. If I’m fatigued or lacking sleep, it shows way more than it used to, and I understand why everyone told me to stop tugging my eye when applying eyeliner. The one big problem I noticed when removing my eye makeup with a reusable cloth, was how much I had to rub and tug on my eye area to get all the product off. And with time, it became more apparent how much this would leave my eye area increasingly dark and deep-set.

With noticing this, I began my hunt for the best cleansing oil/ makeup removing balm. At this point in time, I was trying to transition to all cruelty-free skincare (my acne-prone skin did not enjoy this), so I mostly endeavoured into brands that were leaping bunny certified. And after a whole bunch of research and weighing up the pro’s and cons, I picked up the Raww Cleansing Oil and Frank Body’s Anti-makeup Cleanser, and this is how it went.

Frank Body Anti-Makeup Cleansing oil | $23.95 AUD

This cleanser is described as a clarifying oil that is jam-packed with good ingredients such as antioxidants help to firm, and vitamin c to brighten a dull complexion. When mixed with water, it turns to a milky consistency and leaves your skin clear, bright and makeup-free.

Texture-wise, this oil was a lot thicker and heavier than I expected. Because of this, I found it was difficult to spread, meaning I had to use about 4-5 pumps to melt a whole face of makeup. It’s hard to describe my experience with this without sounding negative, but it was a little difficult to use. It worked best on a completely dry face, and I found that when the product did turn into a milky consistency, it would no longer melt the makeup. But as my face was now wet, it was impossible to get every spec of makeup off without having to dry my face and start a whole new cleanse. It also did leave a bit of a residue on the skin, which might be great if you have a dryer skin type but it just felt icky. It has an overpowering coconut smell.

Raww Super Hydrate – Me Cleansing Oil | $24.99 AUD

Although this product also contains vitamin C, it is loaded with more soothing ingredients such as Matricaria flower (Chamomile) to calm the skin in the makeup removal process, and non-comedogenic macadamia oil that leaves a hydrated feel after cleansing.

The consistency of this cleansing oil is super lightweight and silky. I had no trouble melting a whole face of makeup with just 3 pumps! The smell is tropical yet not overpowering, and when mixed with water, it instantly emulsified and dissolved for a clean finish. I don’t feel like I have an icky layer left on my skin, but it does leave a plump and hydrated effect when completely rinsed off. This is great as if I’m not ready to do my full skincare routine, I can leave my skin as is without having a dry feeling.

The Verdict

Hands down, the Raww Super Hydrate me cleansing oil is the winner in my eyes. Not only do I feel it’s the best cruelty-free cleansing oil, but I honestly am confident saying it’s the best on the Australian market. When weighing up the pro’s and con’s, Frank Body is more accessible for us Aussies as we can walk in any Mecca store to buy it and feel the texture, Yet Raww can only be found online (At this point in time). There’s only a dollar difference between the two but when buying online you have to consider the shipping price.

I would recommend purchasing Raww products off of as they have a great points system that does generate useable rewards. Whereas I kept an eye on the Raww cosmetics website for quite a few months and they rarely do any sales. Even their boxing day deal was a gift with purchase rather than free shipping (in my opinion free shipping is more desirable). This small con doesn’t bother me too much because I do think the product is worth it, and I’m used to having vegan-friendly and organic products having a higher price of production.

UPDATE: Raww contacted me to inform me that they actually are stocked at Target, most Chemists and Myer stores. You can find your nearest stock list on their website here!

I hope you found this helpful and do let me know if you’ve tried any other cleansing balms!
Especially if you’ve tried the farmacy green clean range, because I have my eyes on those next.

Lily R..

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