Current Beauty Favourites | Jan ’21

Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid Foundation

When I first tried this product I was SHOCKED that I hadn’t seen anyone talk about it. I would describe this as a medium coverage foundation with a smooth and radiant finish. Now, don’t let the fact that it is medium coverage steer you away as it blurs and airbrushes the skin so that you don’t need the extra coverage to hide any skin issues. Not to mention, the finish is super hydrating and firming. I’m struggling to find a way to describe this in a way that does this foundation justice but ahhhh please try it!

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

As I’m getting older, I find my late night’s become very apparent under my eyes, and that a corrector was becoming a necessary step in my daily makeup routine. The hype behind this product is huge! It has continued to be a holy grail throughout many years, and that was one of the reasons why it was the first to come to mind when I needed one. It is super creamy and leaves your under eyes brightened without being overly peachy. It also leaves a dewy sticky feel that isn’t a negative thing as it grips any base products you layer overtop.

Tower 28 Beach Please Magic Hour Tinted Balm

This cream blush has one of the most luxurious lightweight textures. Not to mention, this shade is delightful on my skin tone. The name may be slightly misleading as it isn’t as sticky as a regular balm and applies with a soft powder set down. It’s super versatile because if you apply it on top of your foundation it gives soft and luminous effect, but it also applies great after powder. In my opinion, it applies over powder best! Applying iy this way gives you more of a full pigment finish, and the glow shows through without being sticky. No issues with lifting your base or separating whatsoever.

Chantacaille Radiant Gel Bronzer

I had been eyeing this product for so long after seeing Soph Floyd use it in a youtube video, and the bronze luminosity it gave her was to die for. This is the most expensive bronzer I’ve ever purchased, but I’ve used it every single day since. The formula is super lightweight and bouncy. When swatched, it appears to have a golden shimmer throughout, but once blended into the skin it’s unrecognisable. I prefer to blend this over my foundation, but you can use it many other ways, such as a base before makeup or even mixed into your moisturiser.

Australis X Aj Clementine Eyeshadow Palette

By no means is this a typical everyday eyeshadow palette, but wow have I been getting a ton of use out of it. Picking this product up was a no brainer for me as I wanted to support this collaboration no matter what. Aj Clementine is an Aussie trans woman who blew up for her wholesome TikTok content and educational, yet loving, experience transitioning into who she is today. I was so happy that Australis decided to collaborate with her, as she is a role model for the younger generations, and as a young girl in Australia, their brand was (and still is) one of the most affordable cruelty-free ranges in our pharmacies.

These shades are spectacular tho!! I adore the fact that the colours of the trans flag are included in this palette but they managed to make it cohesive with the rest of the shades. The peach glitter with the green shift is to die for, and I would not be surprised if I start hitting pan on it soon. Although it may seem intimidating, I think these brights are super approachable for someone new to colourful eyeshadow.

Elf Wow Brow in Dark Brown

I picked this product up on a whim, and WOW was I blown away. Not only does it hold your brows in place, but it adds the most incredible amount of pigment that fills the gaps in your brows with ease. Usually, with most tinted brow gels, they tend to cake up and flake when I try to build them up, but I’ve never experienced that with this! And if anything, it looks better the more you build..

Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara

Usually, I am not a fan of these full-fibre mascara brushes, but I am so happy I took the risk and picked it up. I cannot believe how instantly this adds impact and drama to my lashes! It focuses more on curling and thickening the lashes, but as you can see from the before and after pictures, the curling effect creates the illusion of longer lashes.

Huda Beauty Matte Lipstick in Board Meeting (Top Swatch)

This has been my go-to lip combo for at least two months now, and there’s no way I’m gonna stop wearing it any time soon. The Huda Matte lipstick is THE perfect cool-toned nude for medium skin tones, and surprisingly, it glides on effortlessly considering its a matte bullet formula.

Sephora Outrageous Plumping Lipgloss (Bottom Swatch)

I’m not super sold on plumping glosses, and I can’t tell if it does anything either, but I didn’t really buy it for it’s plumping effect. I simply adore the packaging, and of course, the shade is gorgeous! It is a sheer neutral pink that pairs with the board meeting lippy perfectly.

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Lily R

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