ZitStika Killa | Is It Worth It?

What even is a Zitstika Killa?
Pimple patches are up and coming in the skincare scene, and the question that always comes to my mind is if they are really a necessary step in a skincare routine? Especially this product in particular, as the price is quite shocking! This 8 pack of patches with micro-dart technology retail for a whopping $40, and if I hadn’t used a voucher to purchase them I never would have tried them. But curiousity got the best of me. I was definately intrigued as with the first application you can feel the skin being pricked by the little darts, these darts are actually the blemish solution in a hardened form, and as you wear the patch it dissolves to treat the active pimple.

I have tried regular pimple patches from cheaper brands without the tech-meets-skincare technology, but they act more or less like a bandaid and protect the blemish from gathering bacteria. In this package you get 8 cleansing swabs and 8 individually wrapped pimple patches. Before I dive into the actual review, I have to complain about the amount of unecessary plastic packaging! As the actual patches have an acne fighting solution within the microdart centre, I understand that they may require further protection to keep the product fresh. But, the cleansing swabs resemble that of a KFC alcohol wipe and yet you only get the tiniest little square, so I honestly would have prefered the kfc alternative. I just find it to be a waste of space, and I think it’s safe to assume it adds to the cost price. I personally would have scrapped this wipe and simply put ‘to be used on clean/cleansed skin’ on the instructions…

What does it do?
The Zitstika Killa is designed to really zone in on those pesky blemishes that are dwelling just under the surface of the skin and help them to, (stay with me) become pustular… Basically, the process helps your pimples to erupt on the surface and then dose the area in an acne healing solution. I was under the impression it was to be used after the blemish hit the surface layer of the skin to help heal them, similar to the other stickers I had tried, but I was mistaken. As you can imagine this is quite an abrasive way to deminish a blemish, and I would confidently recommend those with sensitive and irratable skin to avoid this product. With that being said, lets get into my final thoughts.

What’s the verdict?
Uhhhhhh, it’s a no from me. Not only is this product severely overpriced, but it is highly irritating. It could just be me, but if I’m struggling with an intense breakout the last thing I want is to make it worse. The pricks from the darts created a slightly itchy sensation, and yes it did work to bring the pimples head to the surface of the skin and/or realease the puss (I apologise for the vivid word but it’s the best way to describe it), but I find its better to just let your skin do its thing. Like I mentioned already, the amount of packaging is unecessary and you literally get 8!!!!! JUST 8 PATCHES!! for $40????? Not worth it!

There are many other afforable options to help protect your blemishes in their healing stages. I particularly love the spot medic hydrocolloid patches , as you get a pack of 36 for $10! Again, neither of these are a necessity in your skincare regime, but I still find myself reaching for them and have repurchased the spot medic patches many times.

Would you repurchase?
Absolutely not…

Have you tried anything from Zitstika??
Thanks for reading!
Lily R.

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