Beauty + Skincare Favourites feat. Kora Organics, Freckle Pens & P.Louise

Weleda Skin Food Light

I have not been able to put this down since the second I purchased it. You may be familiar with the regular Weleda Skin Food, which is a thick balmy moisturiser that blew up for the ultra-nourishing and glossy finish it gives, not to mention it is a blessing for dry patches. But, I decided to buy the light version as I am more on the dehydrated/combo skin side and wanted a moisturiser for every day. I’m obsessed with the rich dewy finish that it gives my complexion, and there isn’t any dryness in sight! I absolutely adore the scent, as it is sweet and citrus but doesn’t linger or irritate. If they made it in tub form I would use it e v e r y w h e r e.

Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil

I was super intrigued by the Kora Organics range and researched their products for months before I finally bit the bullet and purchased a whole new skincare routine from them. It is still early days, but from the first application, I knew I wasn’t going to regret getting this product. The texture is unlike any oil I have used before, although it is ultra-hydrating, the texture is thin meaning it never feels too heavy or like it may clog your pores. It sinks into the skin super quickly, almost comparable to a serum!
And this is great because it makes it still wearable under makeup and you won’t look like an oil slick.

Kora Organics Radiant Eye Oil

This product caught my attention as I’d never seen an eye oil before, and the thought it got me excited. If you are to grab one thing from the Kora Organics line, this is what I’d recommend! Although I’ve only been using it for a few weeks, I notice how instantly smooth and refreshed my under eyes are after application, and I feel as though the bottle will last forever. For instant brightening and nourishment under the eyes, this ticks all the boxes. Ps. I’ve never had an issue with it causing my undereye makeup to move and smudge throughout the day, but if you’re concerned about that, applying this product before bed will still work to encourage brighter under eyes in the morning.

Lime Crime Freckle Pen in ‘Cocoa’

Before this, I would always use a brow pencil to create my faux freckles, and I found it just didn’t last all day. And to be honest, I hopped online to purchase Freck it was out of stock. Ugh! So I remembered seeing someone on Instagram use this and thought it’d be the next best thing. Luckily so, it has become a staple in my makeup routine. The colour is spot on as it is deep and warm, and the sheer stain-like consistency creates the perfect finish for a realistic freckled look. I also love that the felt tip is slightly chubbier, as you can get super odd-shaped dots that contribute to the natural effect.

Lime Crime Aquarium Brush Set

This brush set was a free gift with my Lime Crime order and not only am I shocked at the amazing offer, but the quality of these brushes is amazing! I’ve never seen anyone speak about their brush ranges before but I wish I had tried them sooner. They are synthetic duo fibre brushes, therefore blending creams, liquids and powders is like a dream. They have become my go-to brushes in my collection, leaving real techniques at second place (and this is a BIG deal).

Thin Lizzy Blush Trio

If you follow me on any other social media (or know me in real life haha), I have not shut up about this blush trio. It consists of three baked blushes that all give off the most natural sheen and the perfect amount of colour. They melt into the skin like butter and instead of fading into nothing, they get better with time. My favourite shade is the warm rosy peach on the far right as it compliments every makeup look and ties everything together.

Hourglass Flash Highlighting Stick in ‘Champagne’

I had a hard time figuring out how to use this product when I first purchased it, as the product is dryer than most cream highlighters I’ve tried, and I assume that this is because it is in a stick form. The best way to use this product is to warm it up on your fingers and tap it where you please because if you apply straight from the stick it can tug on the skin and most likely remove your makeup underneath. Regardless of this, the product is so good! It isn’t for the faint of heart as it is quite loaded with shimmer but the finish is to die for.

P Louise Acid Reign Paints in ‘Ibiza’ & ‘Raver’

I never really understood the hype about the P Louise products as whenever I swatched their original shadow base, it felt super dry and difficult to blend over. And although my thoughts are still the same for the original range, these acid reign paints are something else! As you can see from the swatches, they are so pigmented but they are also incredibly creamy. I never feel as though it’s difficult to blend out and I have a lot of time to play with it before it sets down. If you told me I would be getting so much use out of the lilac shade ‘Ibiza’, I wouldn’t have believed you but b**ch here we are and you can bet it’s in my waterline if it’s not all over the lid.

Maybelline Nudes of New York Palette

I was umm-ing and ahh-ing over this palette for weeks, as I DID NOT need another neutral eyeshadow palette, but the shades seemed so wearable, and there were so many different colour combinations to play around with, so I couldn’t resist. Within the first use, I was so shocked at the quality of the eyeshadows, as if we are being honest, Maybelline’s shadows are usually hit and miss. These mattes are super buttery, and the shimmers are bright and buildable. Can’t wait to get more use out of this!

I hope you enjoyed reading this quick little favourites post,
and let me know if you’ve tried any of these products.
Thanks for reading,
Lily R.

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