Review: Colourpop X Kathleen Lights So Jaded

This palette spent way too long sitting in my basket..


This is by no means a new palette release, but it was something that I’d had my eyes on for quite a while. I hadn’t seen anything so unique in a long time, and as you can see these colours are not usually what you’d find in eyeshadow releases these days. I would describe these shades as jewel toned and there is a wide range of colour bases and finishes. But enough about the boring stuff lets get into the review.

This palette has a range of neutral mattes, shimmers, glitter toppers and rich pigments. From the swatches alone you can see how incredible the pigment is and I was so impressed at how true the greens and ruby colours swatched! I don’t know much about eyeshadow formulas but I’ve heard reds and greens are the hardest to perfect.

In saying that, there was one colour in particular that was incredibly sheer and to be honest, I think the palette could have done without it. That shade was “stoned”. It is a dark grey brown, and in watching Kathleen Light’s video on the colours, she said it was included as a building shade. But I never found it easy to work with and it didn’t add much dimension at all, and although it may have been predictable, including a black would have made a little more sense to me.

The Colourstory
When I first got this palette I found it quite hard to navigate the colourstory but after really playing around with it, it became my favourite thing about it. Looking at it from a begginers sense, you might find yourself intimidated by the scattered shade range. In the photoset above I swatched some of the bolder shades in a way that might appeal to someone just learning how to incorperate colour with their eyeshadow, and I feel like it would have helped this palette to be more accessible.

Nonetheless, in the challenge of finding what shades to pair and play with I found it super fun! You really have so much freedom and I created looks that I probably never thought I’d love. Even when working with the neutrals, they are all so uniquely toned that my simple makeup days still had a little bit of zazz haha!

The Looks

Overall thoughts and feelings
This palette is truly one of a kind and I admire Kathleen’s capacity to think outside of the box and go against the grain with shades that I’ve never seen before! The finishes and tones can be a little bit intimidating and the colourstory can be hard to familiarise with, but if you’re willing to play around and try new things I’d say it’s worth it. Now that I have it in my collection I don’t see myself living without it, and I find that I reach for it a lot more than most shadows in my collection as some of these shades are perfect toppers to finish off a look.

Thank you for reading!
Lily R…

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