Empties: Skincare Staples + Setting Sprays

This empties post is coming to you with a side of sadness because I finished up some of my absolute staples. I like to constantly try new things so I will have to kiss these products goodbye and possibly meet them again in the future haha.

De Lorenzo Equilibrium Treatment Mask
When I came across this product, my hair was having one of those moments where what I was using just didn’t hit the mark anymore. It felt limp, damaged and frankly… bored. I also stopped dying my hair to give it a break and I needed something to help strengthen it again. I was recommended this rosehip treatment and I think it has really helped to smooth over my fried ends and give them enough moisture to survive. I actually found it’s ability to nourish and repair really impressive! It deserves a 10/10 and I’d definately  suggest it if you want to grow out damaged hair.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads
I’ve had a long romance with these glycolic pads! Usually I prefer the day ones and use it for a quick pep me up in the morning, but considering your skin tends to do a lot of regenerating overnight, I thought that I’d switch to these. When my skin is feeling particularly clogged I like to use these after cleaning and NOTHING ELSE. I find when I don’t follow up with an oil or a night serum afterwards, I get clearer results in the morning.

Indeed Lab Hydraluron
When I think of all the hyaluronic products on the market, I picture this as number one. Not necessarily because it’s the greatest, but because it was probably one of the first and/or THE product that started the hyaluronic obsession. I re-purchased this because I wanted to see if it was just as incredible as I remember it being OR was it just the only serum of its kind at the time? 
The truth is I do think it’s good! But I also think that there is alot out there that come very close to this formula, if not better. Regardless, I find myself recommending this to people who are total skincare rookies.

Solal Vitamin C Serum
It’s not going to be the first time I’ve confessed my confusion with vitamin C, but I just DON’T KNOW what it does! I know it brightens and helps prevent skin damage but I don’t find much of a difference when I implement it in my routine. Maybe it’s just this product in particular, but I only really used it when my nose was dry from a cold…

Inika Organic Pure Primer
When I try to remember what I thought about this product, I find myself conflicted. Mostly because I don’t think it is worth the price point. It is definitely designed for people with normal to dry skin as it is super soothing and moisturising. I really enjoyed the way it gave an instantly firm finish and kept my base from fading but is that enough for me to spend $65, I’m not so sure. I’d love to incorporate more organic makeup into my routine but I find it can be such a high price point to test without knowing if it will work for you.

Napoleon Perdis Wander-Brow
When I first dipped my toes in the tinted brow gel pool, I had a hard time understanding the hype. Luckily, the more I used them the more I discovered it wasn’t my fault haha! I thought I was just doing it wrong but as it turns out, some brow gels are just sh*t. This brow gel showed me how it CAN work. I wish I took a photo of the wand because it is a super skinny comb that allows you to place the perfect amount of colour exactly where you want. It held super well and the tone was perfect for me, I would definitely repurchase.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Revisiting old favourites is so much fun and I’d really recommend it if you’re feeling stuck in a rut. I found my skin started leaning towards the dry side of things and my current concealer was looking too crusty, so off I went to my closest mecca haha. I used to find that this product was a little too creamy on my combo skin, but now it sits just right! Though in saying this, I still don’t think its perfect. No matter how much powder I applied or how little mascara I used, I always found it to transfer and leave smudging where my lower lashes hit. As much as I adore the coverage and how easily it blends, I probably wont be repurchasing..

Colourpop Amethyst Priming Spray
This priming spray was given to me by a friend who just didn’t find herself using it much, and I JUMPED at the opportunity to take it. I usually use my regular setting spray to wet and intensify eyeshadows, so I knew this would come in handy! It pretty much became a part of my every day makeup.

Covergirl Outlast Active Setting Spray
I’m already missing this setting spray…
I’m not particularly adventurous with my setting sprays as I like what I like, and this ticks all the boxes for me. It sprays evenly, helps everything to sink in and stays fresh all day! After running out of this, I bought the flower beauty setting spray and it has such an uneven spritz that makes my makeup run. If only I had just bought this one again haha.

Luma On The Go Stick Highlight
I am so glad I picked up this product as beforehand I had never been a cream highlighter fan. I honestly couldn’t stop wearing it, on my body AND face. This was my go too for no-makeup makeup looks and as a base for my powder highlight on a full glam day. It gave a glass skin glow without being too greasy. When going out I’d tap this on my collarbones and shoulders to give me a healthy sheen.

Batiste Beautiful Brunette Dry Shampoo
Since getting a fringe I found myself a little scared of regular dry shampoo, as it was more difficult to hide the powdery finish. As much as I try to give new products a go I always find my way back to Batiste because they are so trustworthy! This one in particular is the brunette tinted one and I can use it in my front fringe to refresh and add volume without the white cast. I’m loving it so much and have already stocked up again. 

Thanks for reading! 
Lily R.

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