2019 Favourites – Makeup, Fashion & Memories

If you asked me to pinpoint where 2018 ended and 2019 began, I couldn’t tell you.

I think most of us can agree that 2019 was a f**king ROLLERCOASTER.
But in the chaos of it all, I feel like it truly was the year of QUALITY. In the form of music and content, time and thought. I don’t want to ramble so let’s just get into my favourites.

Cream Blushes-
Cream blushes take the number 1 place for being my favourite products of the year. Being an oily skin girl my whole life I grew up thinking powder above all else, but 2019 was the year of the No-Makeup Makeup and these products just made a natural makeup look that little bit more interesting and lively.




Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera-
The consistency of this creme blush is my favourite as it has a soft powder set down. The peachy tone is so flattering that I can layer product without it looking like I’ve gone overboard (which I wouldn’t be mad at anyways because I LOVE BLUSH) and I dust it over the bridge of my nose as well to balance the colour and add a cute sunburnt look!


Luma Highlighter Stick in Blushed Nomad-
If you’re looking for a cream blush that makes you look like a bronzed goddess, this is the one! It is the centrefold of your makeup look. This Rose Gold tint instantly adds a blushed glow that makes your skin look flawless and effortless. Paired with minimal mascara and concealer you will be confident enough to run into an ex.


Napoleon Use It Total Bae Cheek Tint –
This is the product that started my obsession. It’s probably the most natural and lightweight of my collection but it still gives such a pretty flush of rose. If you’re wondering what all the hype is about I recommend trying this one out!


Revlon Makeup Brushes-
In 2019 Revlon Launched their new range of makeup brushes and they are so DIVINE.
Plus, they are so reasonably priced and I can compare the quality to those of Real Techniques…. if not better. The buffing foundation and flat foundation brush are my favourites at the moment but I want to purchase some of the others in the range like the angled brow brush and highlighter brush. They are so dense and leave my foundation blended to perfection, I also haven’t experienced any shedding with these having cleaned them a bunch of times. I can’t say the same for many pharmacy brands.


ColourPop Pressed Powder Eyeshadows-
I have been so obsessed with trying eyeshadows that are out of my comfort zone in the past year, you may have noticed from my 30 days of colour posts. But out of all the formulas I tried, I always knew I could trust my Colourpop shadows. You can probably tell by the indent but the mustard yellow and peach are staples in my collection now.

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Eyeshadows-
This Favourite is a little bit random but considering I reached for this magnetic palette so often I found myself reaching for the pastel purple and frosty blue. These were de-potted from the sparkle baby eyeshadow set I got a long time ago but they came in handy! The other four shadows I de-potted displayed are from the Urban Decay Electric Palette.


Colourpop from Top to Bottom:                                
I Owe You
Lost and Found


Brow Gels-
This past year I got pretty lazy when it came to brows as the Instagram brow phase started to get old. I gave my brows a break from the constant tweezing and shaping and let them live their own life ahaha. I still have to use a pencil to create some shape on the outer edge of my brow but I had so much fun just fluffing them up and everywhere with a brow gel to make it look more effortless.


Napoleon Wand-er Brow in Brunette-
This is my favourite wand in all the brow gels I have tried because you can be so precise and detailed with how you want to shape and style.


Benefit Gimme Brow in 4 –
I had tried to get my hands on this for such a long time and I think it’s safe to say number 4 is the most popular colour. but this brow gel is perfect for instant thickening of the brows, it’s so quick and isn’t as messy as some tinted gels can be.


Solal Skin, Hair and Nails Vitamins-
I have tried an array of hair skin and nail supplements but this is the only one I notice a major difference with! Within a weeks time, my nails feel incredibly stronger and it’s so exciting when I have my nails painted because I can see the increase in length.


Revolution Super Size Concealer-
This is the CONCEALER OF THE YEAR! I put off buying this concealer as I didn’t believe the hype around it but I’m glad I stopped being so stubborn. A lot of people compare it to the Tarte shape tape concealer,  it has a similar coverage but the finish is way more radiant and comfortable.


I Might Regret This – Abbi Jacobson
I dragged reading this out for as long as I could because I didn’t want it to end!! Her voice is so prominent for me in navigating age, love and life lessons! I knew I loved Abbi for her witty and striking presence, and when I read about her life throwing her a curveball in the form of sexuality I felt so warm knowing I could relate. Her perspective of the world made it feel okay to withdrawal and/or run away for a moment to discover yourself, and normalised the fact that I haven’t overcome my insecurity’s in my early 20’s, and it’s because they probably won’t ever go away. And that’s NORMAL and FINE! I love it so much that I’m re-reading it.




So you want to talk about race – Ijeoma Oluo
This book was so enthralling! I went into it looking forward to learning about the systems of racism in America and left with the knowledge of that and so much more. Her tone of voice was really enlightening because as much as she laid out the facts she also incorporated some blunt humour that kept the book really down to earth. As I don’t witness this form of injustice so much in Australia it inspired me to get educated and pick up more books about the traditional owners of the land I live on.


Peasant Tops
If you know me personally you’d probably expect me to show up anywhere in these tops. The silhouette is so flattering and so easy to style, I can dress them up or down and chuck them on with anything in a rush.


Rosebullet Long Sleeved Peasant Top in Emerald


Rosebullet Long Sleeve Peasant Top in Black


Perfect Stranger Polka Dot Corset Crop


Rosebullet Button-Down Peasant Top


Ankle Grazing Jeans
IM OBSESSED with jeans that hit right at the ankle. I’ve always struggled to find jeans that don’t make me look frumpy. The first pair I purchased on Depop, and the second pair I bought secondhand then cut and frayed them at the ankle.




I love looking through photos and feeling the sentiment, it’s my favourite pass time. It’s actually a funny story as to how I ended up here, I uploaded all my photos to the Big W website for printing but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what an average photo size was. When my mum wouldn’t reply I just went ahead and ordered them! Turns out they were the wrong size, too big for a regular photo album. So after searching for weeks for an oversized album I just came to the conclusion that scrapbooking was my only answer. BUT, as it turns out it was so much fun for me and my best friend to put together.






Favourite Moments of 2019
Kacey Musgraves Concert-
This past year truly was Kacey Musgraves year! I became so infatuated with her music as she isn’t afraid to say what she feels and express her loves and frustrations. Her concert was one of the best I’ve ever been too because although there were over 500 people in the room it felt so intimate. She interacted with the crowd so closely and did a request for one of us in the audience.

Port Douglas
Although the weather wasn’t as spectacular for the first couple of days on our trip to Port Douglas, the snorkelling was an experience I will never forget. I wrote about the tour in more detail in my Where I’ve Been Blog Post, but it was the most perfect day. We went to three different locations and got to listen to and follow a marine biologist in the water. He showed us where to find Clownfish and taught us so much about the marine life we were swimming with, hands down the best moment of the year was swimming right next to a turtle.







Hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites of the year.
I have to admit I’m in a bit of a blogging slump at the moment! I hope I find inspiration again soon so I can come through with some better content.

Thank you,
Lily R.

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