A View of Where I’ve Been : Snorkelling in Port Douglas + Turning 21

I’ll try my best to keep this post short! Considering this is a catch up for July, August, September, ANNNDDDD October.


The past four months have flown by so fast, it feels as though it was just one LONG month. I’ve spent those months not only having fun but fine-tuning what’s important to me. My work-life balance was really out of whack and things were quite stressful, with feeling depleted after work it leaves you with so little energy to put into the things you love. I value connection with my friends and family, and I value the time I have to myself. I wasn’t able to live in those values as much as I would have hoped and it really got me down. But the universe TRULY DOES COME THRU when you don’t have the energy to make big changes on your own. Working full time for 3 years after high school and contemplating studying for a while, the stress I was enduring from work was a kick in the ass to take action. I’ve got a few things lined up for next year and it’s safe to say I know good things are coming.



My best friend and I have unintentionally made a September Summer trip a tradition, this year it was en route to Port Douglas. We were only there for 5 days and the sun slowly decided to make an appearance 3 days in. Regardless, on one of those cloudy days, we went water rafting down Mossman River and the best part was just floating in the soft currents looking at all the foliage Tropical North Queensland has to offer.

BUT THE SNORKELLING!!!! We had been snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef once before in Airlie Beach, but everybody said it is nothing compared to the Upper Reef. We spent so much time browsing all the cheaper tours but we wanted to make sure everything was as environmentally friendly as possible. This meant we had to spend a little more mullah but WOW was it worth it. We went on a 1 Day tour with Wavelength. They stood out to us the most because not only were they Eco-Certified, but they have a marine biologist on board that delved into what the Reef is facing and how we can help. The website also stated that they only serve vegetarian meals and snacks, AND they refuse to serve seafood as they are conscious of reducing their carbon emissions. HOW GOOD???
The crew took us to three different spots. The first spot being really shallow, a place for us to build up our confidence. It was like swimming through a dream! We were surrounded by fish and coral. The next two spots were deeper but you could follow the marine biologist, he showed us where to find the Clownfish (NEMO) and different kinds of starfish and sea urchins. The last spot was where we saw stingrays, swam next to a turtle and some of the group saw a shark! It was well worth the money for the incredible experience.



And finally….
Being one day apart we both turned 21!



One of these screenshots is not like the other.
That is the Approachable Podcast with Samantha and Alyssa. I really enjoy the experience of their podcast! They dive into different topics (some serious and some more light-hearted) and both analyse things from two completely separate perspectives. There is such a lovely balance between them and they are very socially aware, I find myself thinking more about who I am and how I define my life after listening. I love to walk away with that feeling as I learn more about myself through understanding their trials and tribulations.

I plan on posting way more regularly now that I have more energy and more SUNSHINE going into summer! Swatches are almost impossible without that natural lighting haha.

Thank you for reading,
Lily R.

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