A View of May ’19: Groovin’ and Makeup Obsessed


I can’t even explain how excited I was for Groovin the Moo as the artist line up was SICK. We drove out early in the morning on the day of the intact, this was a little nerve-racking but we made it and our makeup stayed intact. Jemma, Gabe and I got a little stir crazy from sitting in the car so long, but in the craziness we compiled a list of our favourite words. The meaning of the words are BEST TO BE IGNORED but it’s just the way they roll off the tongue;


And this was my eye LEWK which you may have seen in my View of April  because these lashes are my all time festival favourites!


I’ve realised as soon as it gets cold outside that I turn into a HERMIT. But I managed to go outside to see Kacey Musgraves and I cannot stop talking about it. We also went and saw BROODS but the whole mosh pit was talking really loud and it ruined the atmosphere. I could literally hear some dudes conversation about his CRAZY weekend more than I could broods. But the Nandos we ate before the concert made it worth it to be honest. I also got to see some interesting gallery exhibitions.



This month I’ve fallen in love with these talented MUA’s on Instagram, I’ve been so inspired by some of the makeup looks on my feed at the moment.

I know this is a short post but I haven’t got much else to say haha!
But here are my music picks of MAY:


Thank you for reading!
Lily R.

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