ColourPop Haul ’19

Has anybody else been SHAKEN by all the new ColourPop collections?
I refrained from purchasing any eye shadow palettes because I really need to control myself in that department, but I couldn’t resist the coloured mascaras.

Now, I probably would have gone a little more wild with my purchases but the website actually started to glitch on me. It wouldn’t let me select the colours of the mascaras sold individually so I could only put the red in my basket. AND it did the same for the two pack of the mascara and liner, so I could only get the green. In all honesty though it was probably the universe forcing me to chill and not drop $300 in 3 minutes.

So! Here’s what I bought;


“Oh Sis” Lippie Pencil –
I’m already so obsessed with this colour. With the amount of orange-y nudes I have in my collection I’m surprised I didn’t already have a lip liner like this.

Ultra Matte Lip in “Flor”-
This colour is SO PRETTY, and it shows up more orange than red on the lips! I’m on the orange train at the moment, it started with my hair colour and now its consuming my life HAHA.


“Rush Hour” Supernova Shadow-
When I put this in my basket it was one of those spur of the moment decisions. But it’s always those cheeky little purchases that turn out being your favourites. I’m head over heels for this bronze!! I’m really obsessed with using it as a base to bring out the intensity of other shadows and its stunnnnning.


Creme Gel Eyeliner in “Piggy Bank”-
The amount of intense liners Colourpop has at the moment is overwhelming! Something drew me to this bold purple. I had a hard time choosing weather to get the Gel Liner or the retractable pencil of this shade. I’m hoping I made the right decision.

BFF Liquid Liner in “Muted Emerald Green”-
This colour is so sharp and I can’t wait to wear this in a bold wing.


Pressed Powder Eyeshadow in “Hear Me Out”-
I have a Z Palette full of Colourpop single shadows but I found it was lacking a Matte Bone shade for a brow highlight/ base shade. Luckily, this colour is perfect and I don’t have to reach for 101 other palettes.

Pressed Powder Eyeshadow in “Lost and Found”-
The URGE to have a baby blue shadow in my collection was taking over!
I’ve been so inspired by Youtubers like Jaime Paige and Allana Davidson who keep pulling simple but stunning lewks. They’ve been using one bold shadow all over the lid with natural bronzed skin and I’m so keen to recreate it with this blue.


“Kiss ‘N Teal” BFF Mascara –
If you saw my post Blue Mascara Diaries you’d know I’m no stranger to coloured mascaras, in fact I might be a little colour crazy. I can’t wait to use this for some fun flirty looks.


“Left on Red” BFF Mascara-
RED MASCARA!!! I’ll definitely be having some fun with this.

Thank you for reading!
If you’ve tried any of these let me know what you think of them.
Lily R.

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