What I Wore: Kacey Musgraves at Palais Theatre

I recently started watching Nashville and country music took over my life! Obviously, Kacey Musgraves is on the rise because she is spectacular so I jumped on the bandwagon and I AM OBSESSED. One of my friends isn’t new to the country music life and she invited me last minute to go see her.

It was one of the sweetest shows I’ve ever seen! The venue was so lit up because the lighting was mesmerising and I was so impressed with how she interacted with the audience as if there was only ten of us in the room.

Anyway, let’s get into it!


Bardot Sonia Bodysuit in Blue –
I mentioned these bodysuits in my last What I Wore post and they still stand as my all-time favourite staple! It just so happened to go perfectly with this wrap-around shirt.

Princess Polly Star Wrap Top –
This was a Depop purchase but it just so happens you can still purchase this online. I had this sitting around for a while and couldn’t figure out how to style it but I feel like a concert is a perfect place to wear this snazzy piece.

Jay Jays Black Button Down Skirt –
This was also a second-hand find which is super cute and comfy!

Black Belt Bag –
This is probably the best Depop purchase I’ve made! It also came with a chain to which you’ll see in a collective secondhand haul that is soon to come….


Rivers Black Block Heel Boots –
I recently had some time to kill before I had to get a flu shot so I went into rivers to browse and left with a bunch of winter shoes on clearance! These boots are super cute and comfy and dear god THE CAT HAIR IN THE PHOTO IS IRRITATING HAHA.

Finishing Touches :
With makeup, I was inspired by this random insta story by  brittnymakeup who is one of my favourite insta makeup queeeeeensssss.




Balenciaga B. Perfume –
This is my current FAV perfume! The way I describe it to people who are new to fragrances is that it smells like a really fancy cucumber salad. But in proper fragrance language, it has notes of Lily of the Valley, Pea and Cedar.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in “Fenty Glow”- 
You guys saw me Haul this and Review it in a Week of Lipsticks, and it’s definitely a go to moisturising gloss for me especially because it is easy to maintain throughout the night.


Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion Foundation –
This foundation is NO JOKE! I love the natural matte set down of this foundation and it’s always my first pick when I need a foundation that lasts all day. And the coverage is so smooth and full!


Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin in “Pink Bubbly”-
I’m AVIDLY trying to use up all of the balm in this tin! It’s really just a basic Vaseline lip balm but I hit pan in the middle and now I’ve made it into a mission to empty it completely hahaha.



The Masquerade Palette from Juvia’s Place –
Does anyone else remember when these palettes were HUGE and everyone was obsessed ?! And rightfully so because they are so incredibly pigmented, I think the only reason I don’t use it often is that the bloody packaging is so BULKY haha! I used the shade Bori as a smokey wing.


Maybelline Master Bronze Palette-
Now, this palette doesn’t really get that much love in my collection so I keep it displayed on my table in hopes that I reach for it more and it just so happened to come in handy as eye shadow. I lightly dusted the neutral brown in the crease and spritzed the gold highlighter with setting spray for a bright lid shade.


Silver Bullet 32mm Barrel Curling Tong-
I used to be the kind of girl who rocked waves done with a straightener BUT! Ever since getting tape-in hair extensions it’s way harder to not only hold the curl but I feel like the straightener pulls at the tapes way too much and damages my natural hair. But after purchasing this it is super quick and easy to curl my hair and I ADORE the big bouncy brushed out curls I can achieve.

This is a bit of a big one but I hope you enjoyed!
I’ve also decided to change my blog name to Lily R and keep my domain as lilyandr so in saying that!

Thank you for reading,
Lily R.


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