Summer Reading Wrap up ’19

As you can see……..
This summers reading was a bit of a FLOP.

The start of the year is always hectic mentally and physically, and to be honest I feel like I spent the whole summer being LAZY because it was too hot to do anything. I don’t even remember leaving my house or even going to the beach I just did NOTHING haha! You’d think with all that lounging around I’d get some reading done but NOPE, like I said it was a floppppppppppp.


Frankie Magazine Issue 88
I love reading this magazine! It’s more targeted at creatives and it’s so inspiring to see people succeed in creative careers, as there is still such a stigma held towards it. My favourite article from this issue was on the Founder of Jira Models Perina Drummond. She created an agency for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander models to be more VISIBLE in the modelling industry, not only are the models so stunning and unique but I got to see some of that inclusivity at Melbourne’s recent fashion festival and it was SO IMPORTANT.


So you want to talk about race by Ijeoma Olou
This book was so enthralling! I went into the book looking forward to learning about the systems of racism in America and left with the knowledge of that and SO MUCH more. Her tone of voice was really enlightening because as much as she laid out the facts she also incorporated some blunt humour that kept the book really down to earth. As I am not facing this injustice so much in Australia it inspired me to get educated and pick up more books about the traditional owners of the land I live on. I think the chapters about cultural appropriation and school to jail pipelines should be read in schools as EVERYONE should have an awareness of this.


Natural Solutions to PCOS by Marilyn Glenville
Just before summer I was diagnosed with mild PCOS, so the first thing I did was buy a book. This book provided an easy to understand basis of PCOS. I enjoyed the set up of chapters and it will be a good book to have to refer to in the future


Every Woman’s Guide to Saving the Planet by Natalie Isaacs
This book was quite useful in the end. I found the beginning of it to be quite repetitive which I didn’t find fitting to the style of the book, as I think many people would pick this up willingly wanting to learn about how to be involved in changing the planet. It felt like I was watching an infomercial like “I lost 6 INCHES off my waistline and SO CAN YOU”. It could just be me but I wouldn’t have picked up the book if I didn’t want to know, I don’t need convincing haha. But as I continued, the chapters became more in depth and the anecdotes and facts felt more personal. I really enjoyed the “problem of stuff” chapter as it explored the chaos of having MORE STUFF! And I liked the tips and tricks from women of all walks of life regarding their household sustainability solutions!


I Might Regret This by Abbi Jacobson
I ALMOST FORGOT TO INCLUDE THIS but it was 110% my favourite book of this summer. I adore Abbi Jacobson and I DIDN’T WANT IT TO END! Her voice is so prominent for me in navigating age, love and life lessons! I knew I was going to enjoy this book when I read about her life throwing her a curve ball in the form of sexuality, I felt so happy that I could relate. Her perspective of the world made it feel okay to withdrawal and/or run away for a moment to discover yourself, and made me feel okay that I haven’t overcome my insecurity’s in my early 20’s because they probably won’t ever go away. And that’s NORMAL and FINE! I highly recommend this!!!!!

Thank you for reading and if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments!!!
Lily and R.

2 thoughts on “Summer Reading Wrap up ’19”

  1. I love to buy new books, but always fail to read at a steady pace. Regardless, this post inspired me to read more AND purchase a new one from your reviews. At the moment, I’m reading The Body Keeps The Score. Really want to get into more fiction though. I also live in Aus and I also did nothing this past summer haha.


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