A View of Feb + March ’19: Holiday’s + Drag Queens

Unfortunately, the precious pup isn’t mine, but I couldn’t dare pick any other photo over this cute face!

Nothing much really happened in Feb hence why it didn’t get it’s very own blog post haha! Most of it was spent relaxing and doing nothing in preparation for the CRAZY BUSY month ahead.

If you read my Four Days of Fashion Week post you’ll know that was the most exciting start to the month! I got to work at VAMFF and it’s always so fun, it is truly the best place to people watch and draw some fashion inspiration from (DUH). I have attended VAMFF once before so I was prepared for all the downtime we had to be filled with Sephora trips and Pancake Parlour.

Right after that, I got to jet off to Queensland with my best friend and her family! It was so nice to soak up some sun and get a load of adrenaline at the theme parks for the weekend. It was FOR SURE hard to go back to work after all that excitement.

This month I also got to attend my first Drag Show! We got to see THE Alyssa Edwards and look, I have to say I was never much a fan of the Coco Montrese DRAMA and she managed to spend about 50% of the show talking about it. But nonetheless it was so entertaining and then we all stayed after the show to twirl around to SISSY THAT WALK while Miss Edwards peeked behind the curtain.

What is it with ignorant companies trying to destroy our thriving oceans. Oceans that are home to some of our most majestic marine life?! I texted my best friend and asked her what we can do to help Fight For the Bight and she CAME THRU! We attended the Protest held in St.Kilda and this was the first protest I’ve seen that was in the water! I didn’t come prepared to dive in but it was still just as good to watch all the surfers form a massive circle in the water and hear the chanting from the shore.

It was an exciting time for QUEER EYE fans. Unfortunately, I finished all of season 3 in 2 days and immediately regretted it, I wish I had taken it slow and stretched it out! I WANT MORE!

DYNASTY!!!! For a while there I started to YAWN at the thought of watching it because Fallon got all lost in her love triangle and stopped being the bitch we all know and love her to be, but SHES BACK and it is f**king good again.

And last but not least Season 11 of RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE! This one is so good, of course, everyone is super talented but MISS VANJJIEEEEE has already got me all the way to the end, Libras supporting Libras always.


Thanks for reading,
Lily and R xxxxxxxx

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