Secondhand Haul! Savers + Depop

If you read my Boxing Day haul you’ll know that this year I decided to cut back on fast fashion!

I had a shopping obsession because I simply love clothes but the impact on the planet (and my bank account) was just NOT WORTH IT. For January I completely cut off clothes shopping and didn’t let myself purchase any new outfits, forcing myself to try clothes I tend to leave for SOMEDAY and give them some life. And after successfully doing that I wanted to challenge myself to not purchase any clothes unless it was secondhand, and so far I think I can say I succeeded!

I did have to purchase a new pair of heels because I had one raggedy pair that I used for everything and they were just D O N E with me, but I think that’s okay because a basic black and nude heel will last for years in my wardrobe.

Now some of the items don’t have tags anymore but I will try to include as much information as possible and nothing was over $13.99 ! ENJOY


First off is this cute little Lioness Navy Star print wrap around! This was my first ever Depop purchase and I love it, I feel like this would be a really cute look for festivals.

Also if anyone knows any Aussie Depop sellers that sell a size 12 – 14 please let me know. I found the app hard to navigate as whenever I found something cute it was a not the right size.



This boxy little UNIQLO number was really interesting to me! Clearly this would be cute for work/business environments but I have a vision in my head of how funky this would look with some layered necklaces and rolled up sleeves.



This one doesn’t have a tag but if it did I would hunt it down and buy this in all different colours! Not to say I don’t adore this colour, I’m obsessed!!!! Last winter I had a yellow jumper in a similar style that I wore almost everyday and it’s safe to say this chartreuse colour will be this years fav.



This was the first jumper I found and I loved the little side details as I definitely don’t like to lose stylishness ( never thought I’d use the word ‘stylishness’ in my adult life) in winter, I like to be CUTE but not COLD.


Originally from Suzanne Grae I was UMMMMING and ahhing about getting this one because I’m not 100% sold on the low neckline but I figured if I struggled to style it it’d become a COZY pyjama jumper.


I just couldn’t leave this one behind! I haven’t had a good denim jacket in a long time and this one is originally from Sportsgirl, another thing that really sold me is that its a very thin material so I can still wear it through the warmer seasons and layer with jumpers in winter without feeling like joey from friends when he put on all those jumpers.



(Belt is from ASOS)


I love a good PANT!!! These ones are originally from cotton on and I love the subtle belt loop details so if I wanted to wear a crop top it adds a little bit of pizzazz, and it HAS POCKETS!



This skirt is probably my favourite find out of everything I purchased. It’s another Suzanne Grae piece and I’ve already had so much fun styling it!


This simple black romper was IMPOSSIBLE to get a good photo of!! But its just an all black bell sleeved situation and I think It’d come in handy for events that don’t have a fancy dress code.


Added another head scarf to my collection! This one gives me major Ariel on land vibes.



This dress was a steal! It was brand new from Princess Polly, so new that it still had the tag on. I think it’s  not too fancy but not too casual. The only issue is the CLEAVAGE, the dress is for the most part a perfect fit but there is a little more room on the chest.


This is what it looks like with a bra so I think I’m going to have to call my mate FASHION TAPE for this one….



This t-shirt dress is so different to my usual style but I was a little bit obsessed with the colour! I have no idea where it’s from but I would have loved to know because this too has POCKETS.

That’s all for the HAUL.
Thank you for reading!!!!!
Lily and R xxxxxx

10 responses to “Secondhand Haul! Savers + Depop”

  1. I love this haul, that denim jacket is bomb. I really hope I’ll find good leather jacket in thrift store, I definitely need it for spring season and I don’t want to buy new one, as they are so expensive. xx


  2. op shopping is so much fun! it’s especially exciting when you find something (1) really cute (2) in your size that’s (3) helluva lot cheaper than buying it brand new.

    looking like a million bucks doesn’t have to be expensive, i believe. and a lot of the times, i notice that the girls i see in op shops are mostly the fashionable ones. maybe not exactly trendy but they sure have their own personal style going on which makes them stand out even more.


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