A View of December: Cheese Platter Realness + First Music Festival

This Christmas was the first one living without my parents so I decided to take advantage and throw a little party with my friends. I was set on making a killer cheese platter and I think the fact we had to run down to the shops for MORE cheese and crackers means it was a hit. My best friend set up some Christmas trivia which I have to admit I may have been too tipsy for, my answer for a two-toned holiday candy was a PEPPERMINT instead of the right answer = Candy Cane.

Then I went down to my parents in the country for Christmas and went for a walk and read my book! as there isn’t much going on down there.

New years came around and I went to my first festival. LOVED IT!! We went to beyond the valley for New Years Eve only and I’m so glad because I wouldn’t have survived any longer haha. The theme was SAFARI so I pulled out some binoculars to find a cutie to kiss at midnight. I love to dance, be free and talk to randoms so I would deffs go again!

I also rediscovered ( Idk if that’s the correct word because I’m not sure I ever loved it) my love for vegemite! I also started listening to podcasts and the ones pictured are my two fav LGBTQIA+ ones and my favourite Feminism based podcast.

Onto music FAVS:

Lily and R.

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