Boxing Day Haul Finally!! ASOS, Gym Shark, Books + Things

Everybody knows that 2018 was BELOW AVERAGE, to say the least right?? So I had a major treat-yourself moment in December…

But! The clothes in this haul are going to be my last clothes purchases for a while which I’m really excited about! I’ve given myself the challenge of not purchasing ANYTHING clothes/style-wise ALL of January. The idea is to also dig out some of my clothes that haven’t lived an adventurous life in my wardrobe and give them some time to shine. Then hopefully when I decide to branch out and purchase new clothes I will stick to thrift shops. I hope to reduce my use of online shopping and stay conscious of the environmental impact it has. ESPECIALLY after the damage, I did in December.

Gym Shark


Dreamy Sports Bra in “Steel Blue”-
I love this style of sports bra as its Super Supportive! The kind where your boobs are trapped, that’s how I like it.


Dreamy Leggings 2.0 in “Steel Blue”-
These leggings are probably my favourite of the two sets I purchased as they have this handy little side pockets, which is a BLESSING seeing as though a normal pair of women’s jeans can’t even provide this luxury. They are seamless too so I honestly could sleep in these they are SO comfortable.


Energy + Seamless Sports Bra in “Black”-
I’m obsessed with this crop!! This one is slightly more stylish than it is supportive but that is A-O K. I love the little lingerie like straps on the front as I can chuck a plain t-shirt on over the top and it still looks cute! Although stylish, it does still hold everything tight and doesn’t ride down during more intense workouts.


Energy + Seamless Leggings in “Black” –
These leggings are a so smooth and seamless, I can’t get enough! They are slightly more form-fitting and they perform similar to Spanx. They hold everything in around the gut and smooth over your booty making you look like a THICC goddess! Super comfortable but similar to Spanx they do roll down ever so slightly but it’s not annoying.



River Island SS Shirred Peplum –
This is my favourite item of the whole haul and I’ve already worn it so much. Super flattering and subtly elegant AND it was on sale! The main thing I was searching for in this shop was casual summer tops, ignoring the fact I’m going through such a black clothing phase it ticks all the boxes for me.


Moves By Minimum Square Neck Body –
This is a nice casual bodysuit and it’s super soft and comfortable. I’m excited to style it for some relaxing summer days!


ASOS Design Lace Polka Dot Cami –
I’m loving these Cami style tops at the moment as you don’t even have to think about styling, you can just chuck it on with some jeans and you are DONE! Also, I’m super into polka dots at the moment.



ASOS Design Polka Dot Cami Wrap Maxi Dress –
L O V E this dress so so much! The spot I wanted this to fill in my wardrobe was casual cute summer dress but turns out it’s KINDA SEXY. So I think this will be super versatile as I can dress it up and dress it down for all kinds of events.



Ultimate Ears WonderBoom Bluetooth Speaker –
This purchase was DEFINITELY impulsive but I do not regret it! My friend Gabe bought one in the boxing day sales and I used his and got really jealous. It was on sale and STILL IS, the sound is surprisingly loud for such a small little thing.

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd –
Before I talk about the book I have to say I’m so impressed with the minimal packaging Book Depository ships their books in! Just a simple cardboard box makes me so so happy! I have two bookshelves on book depository, the general want to read and then I have a shelf for books to get and I go through and shift some from want to get. This was in my ‘to get’ shelf. I don’t remember when or why I put it there but I’m super excited to read it.


Natural Solutions to PCOS by Marilyn Glenville –
I recently had some testing done due to some strange abdominal pain and my doctor said I have very distinct evidence of PCOS, which explains A LOT. I’ve had such a strange journey with my period cycles and it was nice to have some answers. I instantly went to youtube to educate myself and I found myself watching a lecture from Marilyn Glenville. She was such a witty little woman with so much knowledge to offer but she kept referring to her book and that the information was more in-depth and so I picked it up! I’m keen to learn more about how to understand and manage PCOS.

Thank you for reading, I’ve missed writing and I hope this post isn’t too long!


Lily and R.


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