Project Throwback: ColourPop Cute AF Palette

If your curious to see what the whole ‘Project Throwback’ idea check out my first post HERE to find out what it’s all about!


I had a dig through my eye shadow palettes to see what one gets all my attention this month, and I have to say this isn’t one that really calls out to me at all. I think the yellow and the warm brown were what made me purchase it in the first place, I must have been going through a yellow eye shadow phase and I’m left wondering WHY?!?!

I have to say this isn’t my favourite and I REALLY STRUGGLED to enjoy this palette. The colours are just so fluorescent and bright it makes every look so much more FULL ON than intended. There are probably two colours that you could use to create a natural look.

Looks created with ‘Cute Af’ palette alone:






Looks created with ‘Cute Af’ alongside other products:





I swear I used 3 different orange tones in the above 3 photos but it looks like THE SAME ORANGE right ?! oh well, I still managed to have some fun with it but I might start looking for a new home for this palette and pass it onto a friend. The quality is amazing though, regardless of the colour selection I can’t deny the shadows perform amazingly.

Thank you for reading! If you’re currently digging into a barely used palette in your collection to give it a chance, let me know in the comments!

Lily and R.

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