What We Wore: Stop Adani Rally for the Future

I thought it’d be fun to do a post like this! My best friend and I went to our first rally over the weekend and I wanted to document it and spice it up a little by bringing some OOTD inspo.


Us and probably 1000 others came together to help protest Adani from following through with the Carmichel coal mine that will essentially warm up the ocean, causing our beautiful coral reefs to bleach. Jemma is super passionate about saving these waters and sea life, we got to see it whilst snorkelling in the Whitsundays passage and would hate to see it destroyed for an unsustainable quick fix.


Jemma is wearing:

Areare Eco Save The Bees T-shirt- 
If there is any place for this shirt it was HERE! A good way for Jem to make a statement without even saying a word!


What I wore:

Glamorous NICE t-shirt-
I accidentally matched Jem with the white shirt and black bottoms oops!!

And that’s IT! Short but sweet because I’m gonna end this off with some of my favourite posters from the day.

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