ASOS Haul October 2018

This ASOS order started off as just something to do while I ate my pizza, but that didn’t last long. Next thing I know I find myself transferring money and TYPING IN MY SHIPPING ADDRESS.

All the accessories that I bought were perfect, The clothes on the other hand….. Some were fine…..


Kingsley Ryan Circle Pendant Necklace 

IMG_9558 edit

Kingsley Ryan Fine Triangle Hoop Earrings 


ASOS Design Polka Dot Scrunchies


Glamorous Tortoiseshell Buckle Belt


ASOS Design Heart Buckle Belt


New Look ‘It’s nice to be nice.’ Slogan Tee –

This t-shirt is really NICE! I’ve purchased heaps of New Look items off ASOS before and the quality is always super good, for only $16.00 it’s going to have a nice long life in my wardrobe.


Monki Crew Neck Ribbed T-shirt –

I ummed and ahh’d about returning this one for a while. As you can tell it’s just a little bit too big on me, I had a tight black t-shirt with layered necklaces VISION but I don’t think I can bring it to life with this one. For how cheap it is, it’ll do me well with some PJ pants for summer…

IMG_9586 edit

Stradivarius Corduroy A-Line Mini Skirt-

This is my FAVOURITE piece I purchased, it is so flattering and I just know I’ll hold onto it through multiple summers! As you can see the buttons don’t go all the way down so it doesn’t keep you feeling restricted, and YES THEY ARE REAL POCKETS!

IMG_9590 editIMG_9594 edit

Boohoo Polka Dot Open Back Crop-

Now, this has POTENTIAL, It’s definitely too big on me unfortunately, I could go a size down. The quality of the material is similar to a handkerchief from Kmart so keep that in mind if you’re interested, but I think I can still pull it off. I also found that it fit a little better with a bra on to fill in some gaps, but the back was not as pretty with one on…… See Below.



New Look Bralet in Black-

This was bought for those “Jeans and a nice top” occasions, and I think it’s pretty perfect! Could have done with a size down on this one too but I have a lot of dressy pants that this would complement well. The quality is a little average on this with some frayed edges here and there, so I hope she lasts as long as I’d like her too.

Thank you for reading!
Lily and R.

4 responses to “ASOS Haul October 2018”

  1. I think the A-line skirt is my favourite. I have yet to order anything off ASOS, although I always see their clothes online and love them. xx


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