A View of October: Birthday + Beach Clean Up

My best friend and I have birthdays two days apart so a night out was destined to be. Although, we did end up at the hospital most of the morning of Jem’s actual BIRTHDAY it made the night about a 7/10. Long story! Isn’t mine to tell…

Took my well-loved (and will be well missed) tape extensions out for a SUMMER vibe.

The next weekend was my birthday weekend and everything was just going BACKWARDS! We managed to find a nice cheap hotel but the day before we found out that not only did we have to be 21 to stay there ( just a year off), but the bond for the night was $500….. So we took it as a sign that we weren’t meant to go out. I planned on going to China Town before heading out anyways so we still went to eat some dumplings and then tried out Holey Moley bar (Bar/Mini Golf course), Gonna be honest we weren’t sure if we were just not VIBING with the nightlife or if that place is where couples go to hopefully restore the love they once had (Is that harsh ??? IDK). Everyone around us seemed so bored and were RUDEEEEE so it may have tarnished our experience there.

BUT lucky we didn’t get on the piss as Jem took us along to a Sea Shepherd Beach Clean up the next day, bright and early we headed over to pick up some rubbish! If you’ve never done a clean up before I suggest you look into it! It doesn’t have to be an event either you can simply enjoy a romantic walk on the beach with some gloves (or with friends and gloves) to help prevent more plastic from polluting our oceans. EVERY TIME I go it amazes me what gets left in the sand and it’s such an eye-opener when it comes to what plastics I want to avoid. STRAWS, soy sauce bottles and even chocolate bar wrappers are what we found the most on this trip.

And as you may have read in my last post, I was gifted some last-minute tickets to see a Burlesque Gala in St Kilda. So Jem and I chucked on some HEELS and RED LIPSTICK and hopped on the train! I ordered a GIN AND TONIC for the first time and it was disgusting but I kind of liked it and we watched some CLASSY ladies take their clothes off, and I was impressed!! I can’t say I’ve ever seduced a whole theatre with my body before haha!


Thanks for reading!
Lily and R.

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