A Week in Lipsticks: Buried at the Bottom of the Draw !

You would think a week in lipsticks line up would be pretty EASY to plan, But as you may or may not have noticed I DEFINITELY only selected 6 lippies!

I intended to empty my draw and grab those lipsticks that you always hold on to although they aren’t ideally your favourite colours. I got engrossed by the challenge of basing your makeup look around the lips, rather than doing a full face then reaching into your draw and picking the same old PINKY NUDE that matches every look, so much that I forgot how many days are in a week and that the challenge would require 7 colours BUT the show must go on…..

Australis GirlBoss Lip Cream in ‘Hustle”

IMG_1569 edit

This is the first ‘car selfie before work’ of this post and to be HONEST I had The Monday’s in full swing, my makeup was basically the only thing I COULD be bothered doing. Anyways, I think the reason why I didn’t reach for this Lippy often was because it is a cream formula (Pigment of a liquid lipstick + Sits like a lip gloss) , and in my mind I was like “UGH its gonna be all gluggy and won’t even stay on long”, but it turned out to be quite comfortable and easy to re-apply! After wearing this I did have a peek at the rest of the colour range to see what else they have.

img_9205-edt.jpgBare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Gloss in “Show Off”


This is the face of someone really feeling the VENUS RETROGRADE! Not only was my memory of clicking snooze too many times lost for good, whilst doing my eye shadow I managed to FULLY STAB myself in the nose with my pinkie and had to wait for it to stop bleeding before doing my foundation. I chose to go with this simple peachy pink gloss as I was not doing a great job at maintaining my life let alone my lipstick (You could call me slightly dramatic). I also went and saw A Star Is Born that night so I was too distracted by THE TEARS coming out of my eyes to remember how the gloss lasted! Just one of those days haha.

IMG_9210 editBourjois 12 Hour Lipstick in “31”


This lipstick gave me MAJOR spring vibes and I thought “fuck it” and went for the green on my eyes. I think the reason I don’t reach for these kinds of pinks much is because I’m either going nude pink or a full-on bright pink and nothing in between, this is definitely a nice in-between! Good for anyone who loves a pink but doesn’t fancy anything too loud.

img_9206-edit.jpgRevlon Ultra HD in “Flirtation” 


I LOVE THESE LIPSTICKS SO MUCH !! I didn’t get a good photo of the colour but I can attest that it survived the act of smashing down some leftovers for breakfast on the way out the door! These lipsticks have such an interesting formula as the less you apply the better, they apply matte when you do a sheer layer, but if you apply a thick layer they appear more glossy. Regardless of the finish they last SO WELL, not dry AT ALL and fade nicely and even. I will probably get more use out of this coral going into summer!

img_9212-edit.jpgHuda Beauty Liquid Lip in “Vixen”


I got this colour in a set of the Huda lippies, I ADORE the formula of most colours but I found this one was a little more high maintenance. It lasts just as comfortable and just as matte as the rest of the range but the only way I can describe the way it goes on is watery….. You have to layer and play around with it to get a solid and even application. This makes reapplying it a little messy, so although I love the rich tone, I don’t reach for it as I’m too lazy to keep looking in the mirror making sure it’s not patchy.

img_9195-edit.jpgCovergirl Melting Pout in “Gelebrity”

IMG_1759 edit

I saved the last gloss in the bunch for Saturday so I could have a laid back makeup day. I think the formula is nothing special but the colour is quite unique as it’s not too brown and not too purple, they managed to find a flattering middle ground. This LEWK is a no mascara look as I didn’t have any plans for the night yet and I wanted to be ready for anything haha! And some last-minute tickets to see a Burlesque Gala and 30mins to get on the train called for a quick layer of mascara.

Thank you for reading! If you’ve tried these lipsticks let me know we can have a GOSS!

giphy (1).gif

Lily And R.

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  1. im so in awe of your blog and youu! you’re so pretty x
    p.s. i recently started blogging it would mean the world to me if you check it out


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