Lunette Menstrual Cup: Making The Best Out of Your Least Favourite Time of the Month

There are probably two types of reactions I’m going to get from this post:
1. “Wtf that is DISGUSTINNNN”
2. “You know what, I’m sick of buying so many pads and tampons. Using a menstrual cup is going to eliminate the money spent on buying them and will reduce my waste consumption!”

I’m going to assume that 2nd reaction is what I would get with rose coloured glasses on BUT I would encourage you to think about this. On average we use about 20 pads/tampons a month, coming to about 240 per year. Can you imagine how much you would be spending in your lifetime? I’m not good at maths but I’m smart enough to know it’s WAY TOO MUCH. I also can’t claim that I’m perfect as I still use pads at night or if I’m travelling, but I can say it has eliminated a massive cost for me.

IMG_9059 edit

Straight off  I have to mention, you will probably only have a good time with a menstrual cup if you are a regular tampon user. We are already used to DIVING in there and getting business DONE. Also, I can’t really say for sure,  but I feel like if you’re a mum/ have experienced childbirth, using the Cup would be a BREEZE.

To keep this SIMPLE, I will list a few things I’ve found using the Lunette Cup and/or things I would have wanted to know before I started using one!

  • INSERTING; Is it easy ??
    At the end of the day, it’s just like a tampon, although it does take a little manoeuvring to get it RIGHT. The best way to make sure your FIT is right is to follow the instructions and insert it whilst folded, and then once it’s UP THERE, tracing your fingers around the cup to ensure there are no gaps and it is completely unravelled. No leakage and you can’t feel a thing.
  • TAKING IT OUT; This is where it gets a little weird.
    You basically SHIMMY it out like a tampon by pulling the tab, BUT to ensure you don’t have a hard to explain spill you should grip on to the base of the cup so you’ve got more control. These are the moments when you and your vagina will really get to know each other, you’ll be there for the good times and the bad times.
  • WHAT NOW?; getting rid of the stuff. If you have access to a sink then you will be fine, you can simply pour it down the sink, rinse and repeat the process. The second option isn’t as WILD as it may seem, as you don’t actually bleed as much as you think you do. For example, I can put mine in and work a 9-5 shift and in that amount of time and it’d only be half full. So there isn’t really a need for removal in a public toilet, but if you HAVE TO then the CupWipes are your 2nd best friend (your vagina being number 1). Just take the little guy out, wipe it down and repeat.

I can’t say that it is for everyone, but I find it way more convenient than changing a tampon 4 or 5 times a day. I do suggest you do your research to find the right fit for you and don’t stress if it doesn’t work for you! There are other ethical ways for you to use sanitary items.

If you have any questions don’t be shy as I kept this post quite simple and any chance to talk about myself I’ll take it!


Thank you for reading,
Lily And R.

8 responses to “Lunette Menstrual Cup: Making The Best Out of Your Least Favourite Time of the Month”

  1. Tampons and pads are so expensive – it’s not fair when periods are forced upon us! I have yet to try a menstrual cup, I keep saying I will try it the next time I get period but then I chicken out and/or forget when it comes. Maybe next time. xx


  2. Omggggf I love your blog posts I read all of them. But this one has to be the best one. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on one for ages now. But I was having seconds thoughts! Gurlllllll you’ve convinced me I’m getting one 100%!!!


  3. I bought my lunette cup about 4 months ago and i seriously can’t imagine going back to pads. The first couple of months was a major learning curve for me but I’m getting the hang of it now to a point where i can’t help but wonder, why the heck didn’t i know about this when i was younger?!


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