Empties: Effortless Brows + Radiant Skin!

I never thought I’d keep a basket in my bathroom full of useless, empty things. Even though I have no use for these anymore, stay tuned till the end of the post to see how you can consciously recycle these products (or skip to the end if you fancy).

But I can’t say I’m not EXCITED to share how I feel about this bunch of stuff, as some of my HOLY GRAIL products are in this bunch.


Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron I find this product is definitely well known online but not so much in REAL LIFE, A lot of people I’ve recommended this too have been shocked that they have lived without it for so long. BASICALLY anyone can benefit from incorporating this to their skincare routine as it works for all skin types, Especially dehydrated skin. We already have hyaluronic acid in our skin and when we apply this product it boosts those HYDRATION LEVELS, also leaving the skin feeling instantly more FIRM. The way my moisturiser sinks in after applying hydraluron is magical as it helps to loosen the cells on the surface of our skin (like a toner with benefits *wink*) making the products you apply over top absorb easier.

Avene Hydrance Optimale – I am here today to declare I am in fact, A slut for Avene.
I first started using this moisturiser alongside their acne cleanance wash in 2015 as a last resort for my incredibly sensitive + oily acne prone skin and it SAVED ME. Now that my skin is under control and I am more familiar with what i can and cannot use, I’ve tried moisturisers here and there BUT I always find myself going back to this. I know and trust It’ll keep my skin looking soft and feeling moisturised, without being heavy and greasy.


Nip + Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix – Yes, this is in ROUGH condition. But its because it had a well loved life in my shower. This was the first CHEMICAL exfoliant I had ever used and it was a pretty risky decision for me and my sensitive skin to make, but i’m glad I took that risk. Almost instantly my pores shrunk and my skin was fresh and smooth to touch. Unlike a physical exfoliants that you have to manually scrub, Glycolic Acid basically does the job for you, although it has a slight gritty feel it dissolves as you lightly rub into your problem areas. When I ran out of this I noticed a massive difference in the texture of my skin, and ran down to priceline and repurchased ASAP!

Can’t be a blog post without BOURJOIS in it right ?!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation This is an oldie but SUCH a goodie !!!
Every single time I have this foundation on I’m complimented on how RADIANT my skin looks and lets be real, I know it looks STUNNING that’s why I wear it every day.

*NEW* Healthy Mix Primer – Now, This was an impulse buy for me as for about 3 years I ONLY used the Revlon Photoready Primer, as I was terrified anything different would break me out. And not only that, I’m usually a fan girl for a smoothing primer, but I’d put this in the category of hydrating primers as it smooths slightly but mostly blends like a moisturiser. BUT I’m honestly surprised to say I was sad to run out of this, It was great for the wintertime keeping my skin naturally smooth and hydrated. If i wasn’t so keen to keep trying new primers I would repurchase!


Australis Micro Brow – Look, in my opinion this may be the best brow product of the year. Coming from being an Anastasia Brow Wiz fanatic like everyone and their dog, It was so refreshing when these were released as they are half the price and I can pick them up from my local PRICELINE instead of ordering it on Sephora. Sure, it isn’t as pigmented but I actually don’t mind it, brows are less stressful when you aren’t spending hours trying to perfect them. SMUDGE PROOF and effortless is how I want my brows.


B.tan Gradual Tan – I really questioned weather to include this in my empties post as it was nothing special. I already have an olive complexion so I can AFFORD to be lazy when it comes to fake tan, With that being said I’ve tried my fair share of gradual’s. Although it was just a sample I got two uses out of it, and usually I fall in love after the second application but it just kinda looked “eh”, nothing major. Maybe if you were a porcelain skin tone this would have more WOW FACTOR….


De Lorenzo Rejuvin8 Shampoo + Conditioner –

Last but not least ! Right before I started using this I was on the keratin protein train and used mostly products full of it, and I found my hair was strong and growing but dry. I asked the hair dresser what she suggested and this was what she recommended and my hair loves it. I have CLEAN, SHINY and healthy hair when I use this!!

Instead of throwing these bottles and tubes in the bin alongside the rest of my trash, I was introduced to TerraCycle by my best friend Jemma. Garnier teamed up with Terracycle to create an easy system for you to efficiently and simply RECYCLE your makeup, skincare and hair care packaging. Anyone can sign up to be a collector and I’m lucky mine lives two minutes down the road and I see her almost everyday! I simply give her my packaging and she can box it up and send it off. She is also rewarded for this as her product turns to points that can be donated to an organisation of her CHOICE!

Thank you for reading, If you’ve tried these products let me know,

Lily And R.

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