Can you tell I googled “How to Start a Blog” ?

If you had a look at my search bar in the last 3 hours it would show you a few different variations of:

  • How to start a Blog?
  • Blog platforms
  • Blogging tips for dummies

I have ended up here with the best FREE template I can find, and hope to make a good first impression.


In my search bar endeavours, I learnt that people highly recommend an introduction post. This reminds me of the dreaded go around in a circle and everyone says one interesting fact about yourself scenario you encounter in primary school, where usually my interesting fact was that I have very tiny fingernails. But now as an almost adult, I realised it’s not that interesting and I am not special (there have been smaller).
So to keep this post SUPER fun and VERY exciting, here are 5 generic things you might like to know about me :

1. I am 20 years old and live in the BURBS just outside of Melbourne.
2. My star-sign is LIBRA and I live a HAPPILY high maintenance lifestyle.
3. I’ve worked in Retail Health and Beauty since I was in high school, and if I’m trying a new eye cream and I like it, you will DEFINITELY hear about it!
4. I have a PRECIOUS black and white cat named Presley, he has my heart.
5. There’s to much pressure about what to write for number 5 so I’m just gonna say thattttttt uhhhhh I think my favourite food is DAHL.


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