Inspired by Astrology | Makeup For Each Star sign


This graphic liner represents the sharp and often blunt dialect of an Aries person. Accompanied by a bold lip and bushy brow that is cool, yet effortless. I finished it all off with a berry blush across the nose that reflects the sensitive side of Aries, the side that wears its heart on its sleeve and experiences life with playful curiosity.


I’ve never met a Taurus that cant rock a red lip 💋 I chose an earthy green-gold eye, which represents the grounded and abundant spirit of a Taurus. And a timeless red lip that embodies their striking presence and the beauty surrounding them. You’ll more often than not find them in an environment that aligns with their ruling planet of Venus. Venus-ruled placements are surrounded by love, beauty, comfort and compassion. They are the voice of reason and in my opinion, they give the best advice.


Geminis are so full of life and energy. They are like sunshine in a way that we couldn’t live without them 🌤 To represent their effortless charm and charisma, I kept the skin fresh and peachy. The eyes start off with a pearly pink that showcases their soft and thoughtful outer shell, then fades into a rich deep blue that represents their electrifying inner world and vibrant imagination.

I chose these colours to show the duality of a Gemini, aka their reputation of being two-faced. I roll my eyes at that comment because a lot of Geminis I meet are simply introverted extroverts! Maybe they aren’t two faced and they are just shy? Gemini gets too much shit and I love them sm


The first person that comes to mind when I think of the cancer star sign is Lana Del Rey. This cool-toned shadow is very much inspired by her go-to aesthetic with a subtle resemblance to her classic doe-eyed liner, but with a twist! I chose cool-toned browns to create this soft double wing, as cancer people can be kind and gentle, but don’t get on their bad side as they won’t hold back.

They are a water sign ruled by the moon, so I wanted to add a silver shimmer on the lid to capture their calming and caring exterior, and blue glitter under the eye to express their ability to experience emotion powerfully and their ability to empathise with others 💧


I was going to do a classic bronze shimmer all over the lid as this sign is ruled by the sun ☀️, but it felt like it didn’t capture the true vibrancy of a Leo! I opted for a fluorescent orange cut crease instead to showcase their passion, generosity and bright humour. I had to include some sort of pink/purple as their hearts are as big as their heads haha (a tasteless joke). I love my fiery Leo’s that don’t take life for granted and if you do too, make sure you tell them because it’ll put a pep in their step. If I could only hang out with one sign for the rest of my life it’d probs be y’all 🔥


Every Virgo I’ve ever met has always had a very precise way of expressing themselves! Be it in unique makeup techniques, to carefully constructed outfits that match from head to toe. To represent their curated expression, I put together this super detailed graphic liner (heavily inspired by the talented @maytahmi ), with deep mossy green on the lower lash line as they are a textbook earth sign 📗 (critical thinkers, grounded and organised). I paired this with a super soft and shy pink lip as they oftentimes have a hard time communicating what’s really going on in their methodical minds 🧠 🌸💗


Much like the scales that represent them, there are two sides to every libra! The soft and romantic side that comes directly from being ruled by Venus, the planet of love. And the diplomatic side that drives their need for fairness and harmony ⚖️ All that with a sprinkle of charm ✨. When thinking of Libra I visualise pink and white, as we are always trying to see the light in life and live for the moment, be it falling in love hard and fast or doing something spontaneous. I tried to bring that to life with the soft yet bright eye look. But then to represent the passion of a Libra, I incorporated a glossy red lip. This was heavily influenced by one of my favourite Libra’s, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who shows up in her red lip no matter the occasion.


I can always tell a Scorpio from their eyes! Be it big, bright or full of emotion, it is their most prominent and enticing feature. As I don’t have super telling eyes (no Scorpio placements) myself, I had to go all out on a dazzling blue smokey eye. A reflection of their deep and honest understanding of the world at large, and their desire to fearlessly experience it all. Out of all our emotionally driven water signs, I feel Scorpios are able to truly experience and learn from their pain and pleasure. From this, they are able to direct it towards a meaningful passion project or to push themselves into a better version of themselves. All while keeping those around them begging for more 💎


NOBODY lights up a room like a Sagittarius ⚡️ Having a Sagi by your side is the greatest gift as they will push you out of your comfort zone and tell it like it is (they are the ones to ask if you REALLY wanna know if your outfit looks good). They never cut corners and always live and love to the fullest. So with that, I felt they deserved a striking gold glitter liner to represent their intense and outgoing energy. Fluffy brows and hair slicked back works well as they don’t shy away from the spotlight.


Nothing says effortlessly cool like a 90s makeup look. Capricorns spend a lot of their time working hard to create a life they believe they deserve, so they are often quite reserved in their style and demeanour. This called for simple skin and an easy glossy eye, it’s eye-catching and classy without trying at all. I chose a deep brown lip as I feel a Capricorn always draw in the people around them, whether that’s to inspire or to remind others (their enemies perhaps) that they can’t be stopped on the path to their dreams. Some may think a bold red or bright pink lip would resemble this, but they never show off their success by bragging, it’s always displayed articulately. Therefore a brown represents this sophistication well 🤎✨


Aquarius people will always be the leaders of their own path, and although they are open and energetic in their relationships, they will usually walk this path alone. It’s what they need! To be free in their creative expression and personal growth. And to live a life that inspires others👼🏼 One of the characters that represent true Aquarian energy is Jules from Euphoria, she’s always captivating and up to something. This graphic eye represents that eccentric expression, but I chose purple because amethyst is their birthstone 💟


Pisces are constantly torn between two worlds, their reality and their imagination. This is shown through the two fish in their symbol ♓️ They are constantly trying to pull the magic from their imagination into their everyday life, and are devoted to achieving a colourful yet grounded experience for themselves! I wanted to use these vibrant pastels in a structured way, to represent the duality of these states of being for Pisces people. The colours are dreamy but still coordinated. 😗

If you saw all these posts per season on my Instagram, I’m sorry for the recycled material on the blog but I wanted to compile the year-long journey of looks! I hope these resonate for you and your sign and evoke inspiration xx

Lily R

My Last Colourpop Order

Although dramatic, the title is true! This year I’ve officially gone on a makeup no-buy, as I have accumulated too much stuff that I need to start making my way through. This Colourpop order was somewhat of a last hurrah before the big commitment and honestly, it was so disappointing. Although it may seem trivial, a lot of the swatches online did me dirty and seeing the shades in person left me feeling played. Not to mention they completely skipped out on sending me an eyeshadow quad and I got a bright pink lipstick that I will never wear instead… but lets get into what I did get.

She’s A Natural Quad (Left) & Down To Earth Quad (Right)

With owning a sh*t tone of makeup, you quickly figure out what you gravitate towards most. Small curated eyeshadow palettes speak to me in decibels above large palettes with a world of colour to choose from. I would say that’s why these stood out to me so much, even though they have such basic colour stories. Colourpops eyeshadow formulas never let me down and I knew these were a sturdy staple to have.

Colour Stix Vault ‘In the bare

Mid last year I started collecting eyeshadow sticks as I could sense the birth of a trend, and a trend I would back till I die! Shadow sticks are so effortless used on their own for a subtle wash of colour, or to be a base for a rich smokey eye. I really could list 1000 different ways you can utilise them. This vault was put into my cart as I felt I needed more basics, and I am over the moon about their performance. They glide on smoothly but set down to stay on all day. I wanted to get all of their sets, but figured I should see how I like the formula first. We can thank Jaime Genevive and her brand Vieve for redirecting us back down this path. And those of you like me who’ve been in this beauty world for a while… Do you remember when By Terry’s Ombre Blackstars took over the world? I never tried them as I was a pre-teen who could just afford some Rimmel on a good day, but I’ve always been curious to know if they lived up to the hype.

Blush stix in Mallrat (Middle) & Skater Boyz (Right)

This is where my order started to confuse me. The swatches of these shades online are sooooooo inaccurate. I can see how the swatches could be edited that way, but doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of a swatch? Luckily, Mallrat in real life is a shade I can still enjoy on my skin tone, But Skater boyz is an incredible flop as I rarely pick a pink blush, let alone something this cool-toned.

Feather Effect Brow Pen in Black brown

I’m always down to try a new brow pen as I lack fullness in the front of my eyebrows. And believe me, I was excited when I saw how teenie tiny the brush tip was! I dreampt of the delicate and precise hair like strokes it would create, but wow was I disappointed. I’m hoping I just received a dud but the tip doesn’t fill with product all the way and you have to press on the base for product to be dispersed (similar to their felt tip liners). No matter how hard I try, it doesnt apply smoothly AND not to mention, it oxidises once on the skin.
I tried to fill it with product on the back of my hand and then apply light strokes to my brow, but it wasn’t strong enough to even show up and I’m at a loss. Any tips or advice would be great! I don’t run into this issue with the NYX brow pen ( right on comparison pic) and can achieve finer strokes, it stays in first place for me.

Clear & Light Brown Brow Gel

These unfortunately fell short as well. I was under the impression that the clear gel performed similarly to the refy brow pomade but with a lighter consistency (that sounds like a dream right!), but really I had ZERO hold. I have nothing much really to say because it doesn’t do anything. The tinted gel gives me a little bit of definition but no hold and no thickening, so I don’t find myself needing this at all. I sometimes wonder if average brow products fall short these days because we’ve experienced these modern strong hold formulas like Anastasia brow freeze and pink honey wax, or if they just suck…

Brow Brush

This has proven itself quite handy in my collection, I find myself running through disposable wands super quickly and hoped this would eliminate the need for them. After all I’m only using them on myself so there’s no sanitary concerns that demand disposables.

Pretty Fresh Concealer and Foundation

I can’t believe I waited so long to try this duo, although I know why I hadn’t. The first thing I tried from the pretty fresh line was the tinted moisturiser, and it gave little to no coverage whilst accentuating dry patches I didn’t know I had. So ultimately, I had a bad first impression. The foundation and concealer on the other hand are outstanding! Both products give the smoothest coverage with a radiant finish. I want to mention that it has a healthy radiance rather than a wet glow, so I’d say it’s perfect for all skin types. Every time I wear these two I get a bajillion compliments and people asking what it is I’m wearing. I can see myself using these on the daily.

Lux Lipstick in Bloom2Bloom & Slow Dance

These two were the other let downs in my order. They swatched incredibly ordinary compared to how they looked online, they don’t show up nearly as cool toned as I had expected. I also had expected that they would be a creamy matte by the look of the bullet, but they are a satin sheen.

Lippie Stix Brat Pack, Oh Behave & Sassy (Top to bottom)

Now these are 3 shades GORGEOUS. I had tried the lippie stix formulas right when Colourpop was up and coming and was obsessed with the formula. These are no exception and wear just as good as ever. My collection was lacking these 90’s tones.

Lippie Stix in Chakra Waves and Poison (Top to bottom)

I’ve been lusting over a bright corally pink like this for quite a while so purchasing it was a no brainer, and the red is replacing its expired counterpart.

Anyways… There were as many hits as there were flops, but from such a big company I expected less sloppiness in regards to getting my order right and more accuracy when it came to swatches. I can’t be so frustrated with them as yes they are the fast fashion of the makeup world, I just expected more quality, especially the brow range. But in this regard, I assume contributing to the trend was more important than the performance of the products. The only reason I’d be tempted to make another order would be for the pretty fresh products or a new unique eyeshadow palette. Have you been happy with your recent colourpop orders?

Lily R

Products I Really Wanted to L O V E

I’m naturally a very curious person and am willing to try anything once, but after the third disappointing makeup purchase in a row, I start to wonder if I’m wasting my $$. This intro may take a different turn from what you had expected, but I feel I should express my thoughts on the current makeup environment online. I believe that the ‘viral’ makeup trend started as an organic way to share short and sweet beauty recommendations, but it has truly turned into a marketing monster tactic, and the more I try, the more disappointed I get! I don’t want to dwell on this too much as this post isn’t completely centred around viral products, but I find that it is extremely misleading to say a product is incredible from one 15 second video, with no follow-up review. Brands have picked up on the effect of hype campaigns and are becoming increasingly worse than the fast fashion industry (buy, try then goodbye).

After I had realised I was basically being sucked into a massive scam with purchasing a few of these TikTok famous makeup products, I decided to take a step back and jot down the new launches that truly intrigued me. I later came back to that list after the hype died down and was able to make sure the product excited me without the newness and hype surrounding it. By doing this, I have found that I am spending my money on products that actually fit into my makeup collection, and therefore hold more value and get more use. I highly recommend trying this out as you may find you’re wasting less $ and being more conscious about your consumerism. I admit that I am not perfect, but the online beauty world is becoming quite cluttered as more and more people/companies are realising how much of a cash grab industry it is. We have to remember we are the audience and to not be fooled into mindless consumption….but anyways! I’m here to tell you about a few not so fun experiences I’ve had with my recent purchases.

Laneige Glowy Makeup Serum

Usually, when I throw something into an online order as a last-minute why not purchase, I am pleasantly surprised. But as you can probably guess, it wasn’t the case with this one. From reading the product description, I expected this to have a lightweight serum consistency, but it is more of a jelly-like formula. As it is on the thicker side, this pipette dropper is not very efficient, and it is extremely difficult to get a decent-sized blob into your hand. If you look closely at my picture of the dropper, you may be able to see the silver specs of glitter. Although they are practically undetectable when you blend it into the skin, it leaves a strange speckled effect when the rest of the serum has absorbed. The finished look is almost identical to if I had just used a gel moisturiser (which I do anyway), and the ‘glow’ sinks in after a few seconds. It feels as though it makes no difference to my makeup or the way my skin looks, deeming it an unnecessary step in my base routine.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Pastel Polishes

I have never truly been a hardcore fan of Sally Hansen’s nail polish quality, but I took the risk in trying them when I came across these cute pastels! Although I started with low expectations, they unfortunately managed to exceed them. In all honesty, I spend a lot of time at work opening boxes and sticky taping things, but it’s never usually strenuous enough to chip off my nail polish. I was shocked when my day 1 wear was annihilated by a piece of sticky tape! As soon as the tape touched the polish it just lifted straight off in chunks?! I use the Kester Black nail base and top coat religiously and have never experienced this before. This is so frustrating as the colours in this range are lovely and I wish they looked better for more than a few hours.

Rimmel Wonder Cloud Shadow

Now, this product isn’t completely horrible. I’m sure it works for most people and probably lasts quite well. But for anyone with a medium to deep skintone, it’s a product you are better off going without. The texture of this liquid eyeshadow is a beautiful whipped dream, but because of its soft pigment, it pretty much blends into nothing on me. The shade I bought is in ‘spiced petal’, and it is the only shade that I felt I could get away with on my skin tone as the others were way too sheer. Is it the worst product i’ve ever used? No. Is there so much room for improvement? Yes. I will keep using this as an eyeshadow base and finding ways to use it up, but unfortunately the pigment is too sheer for anyone who doesn’t have a light skintone.

Maybelline Sky High Mascara

If you follow me on Instagram, you won’t be surprised to see this in the line-up. I have given this mascara so many chances and I just don’t get the hype AT ALL!! My lashes aren’t the longest but I find with a good mascara, they can become quite fluffy and defined (see comparison below). The Sky High mascara makes my lashes look so heavy and dull, and my biggest gripe is that it is impossible to build up and layer. I found as soon as I evenly coat my lashes I have no more time to play around with the finish and I can’t add volume without it turning into a clumpy mess. Emphasis on the word mess, as the bristles on the wand are too small to grip at the root of the lash and the neck of the wand is way too bendy, therefore it ends up all over my lid no matter how careful I am. If this mascara had focused a little more on lifting and curling the lashes, I may have enjoyed it. But the lack of playtime makes the finished look frustrating to achieve and it’s not worth it.

REFY Beauty Brow Set

I was over the moon excited to try out this brow range from REFY Beauty and was so quick to be disappointed. Do you know when you get a new package in the mail and run straight to the mirror to try it out? I did that, and instantly felt the products weren’t what I had thought they were going to be. I am definitely not an amateur when it comes to making different brow formulas work for me, but these are so difficult to use. I have so many questions about the choice in packaging, the application techniques they recommend and the overall formulas. Let’s take a closer look at each product.

The Brow Sculpt

This is a gel-wax hybrid that is designed to achieve the fluffy laminated brow look. It is truly a formula that I had never seen before, and it’s not unlikely that I am simply using the product incorrectly. But I feel as though I have watched every tutorial and tried all application methods. It almost always ends up looking C R U S T Y! On the REFY Instagram and website, this product is shown being used first in their step-by-step routine. You’re shown to simply lather your brows in the wax, then comb and shape into place. Don’t even get me started on how the shape of the comb is so strange and impractical when it comes to creating a ‘laminated’ effect. I demonstrated this in my youtube video here. I do admit that when this product is used alone it looks great, but that is not my desired look considering my brows are on the sparse side. But it is i m p o s s i b l e for me to follow up with any brow product after this, without it looking flakey and crusty. This is so frustrating as it’s not at all what I see on the brands Instagram, and in a way, I feel deceived. No matter what Jess Hunt puts in her brows, I feel they would look incredible and I can’t help but feel lied to. HELP!!

The only way I can make this brow sculpt work for me, is to use it last in my brow routine. And less is more…

The Brow Pomade + Pencil

Thankfully, the pomade and pencil aren’t terrible on their own. But considering they were designed to be used in conjunction with the brow sculpt, this leads to their place in this blog post. I applaud the brand for doing something unique and travel friendly with the pomade packaging, but ugh I hate it. It makes it impossible to feel how much product you’re picking up, and I always find myself using the back of my hand to make sure the product has coated the brush evenly. This always results in wasting a lot of product. Both formulas are super creamy as they are designed to be used after the brow sculpt. This makes sense, as if you’ve used other lamination style brow gels like the Anastasia brow freeze or benefit 24-hour brow setter, it can be difficult to use a hard pencil formula afterwards. But in saying this, I find even when I do use them alone, it is tricky to be precise as the product has a tendency to slip around.

The pencil is probably my favourite product out of the whole brow kit, yet it’s still nothing outstanding. The microtip is the smallest I’ve ever come across and this makes it great for defining the brows and creating individual hair strokes. But again, it still delivers mediocre results on its own.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my experiences with these somewhat overhyped products. Even though these posts can end up sounding quite negative, I think it’s necessary to talk about the not so great experiences so that if you’re like me and are always curious to try new products out for yourself, you may not end up wasting your money. Instead, I waste my money for you haha!

Lily R

Trying Trinny London Makeup

Ever since I opened up my bright yellow box from Trinny London, I haven’t looked back. I knew I was going to love these products but I truly underestimated just how much I’d adore them! What surprised me the most was actually what products I’ve been reaching for every day, rather than what I thought I was going to love. I uploaded a true unboxing and first impressions onto my youtube channel where I mentioned that the quality of the packaging and product felt much more luxurious than I had expected. This is not a bad thing, as I’d consider the price as high end. As I briefly mentioned above, I was surprised by the products I enjoyed in comparison to what I had expected to love from my order. Which we will ultimately get into in this blog post, as I’ve had a few months to play with the formulas and textures.

Miracle Blur

The Miracle Blur was last on my to-try list from the range, and it practically ended up in my cart as a last-minute add on. It is an incredibly dense putty-like balm that smoothes over fine lines and pores on the skin. I believe it is designed to be used over the top of your foundation, and in following Trinny Woodall’s tutorials, that’s how she prefers to use it. I tried it over and under my foundation and found that I like to use it more like a traditional primer. I prefer it this way because it is easier to see what I want to blur, and when using this texture after applying your base product, it sheered out the coverage that I had applied. But either way, it does exactly what it is designed to do, as I’m sure you can see for yourself in the before and after pictures.

BFF De-Stress Serum + BFF Serum Concealer

The BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum was THE product that attracted me to the brand. Everything about the formula sounded dreamy. Although it has quite a buzz word heavy name, it is simply a lightweight tinted moisturiser. It has a hydrating formula that evens out the skin tone and some sort of technology (NP-TriOX) that helps to re-energize and plump the skin. I adore the finish of this foundation as it ticks all the boxes. You get an even coverage, smoother looking pores and a glass skin finish without feeling like you have anything on! It feels so undetectable, that I didn’t think the before and after pictures would show much of a difference at all, but it so clearly transforms my skin.

Also, you do get a free T-pot alongside your de-stress purchase so you can add this product to your trinny stack.

Now, the concealer on the other hand is a massive no from me. I have nothing much to say other than it does…nothing. It has a thick mousse-like consistency, but it blends into thin air. That’s all I can really say haha! It’s almost as though the tinted moisturiser has more coverage, and that seems pointless to me. I had a comment on my youtube video saying to use it under the BFF serum but I still got nothing when I applied it this way, and I was SO RELIEVED when I saw Alana Davison try it and have the same experience. Clearly, I would not recommend this.

Eye2Eye Cream Eyeshadows – Wisdom, Mystery, Queen & Emperor (Left to Right)

The Eye2Eye’s, alongside the Lip2Cheeks are probably what truly launched the brand into the spotlight. I have personally never been attracted to the stackable/on the go packaging, as being travel friendly is just not something I look for when it comes to makeup. The brands whole objective is quick and easy makeup, that you can apply with fingers and go. But as a makeup lover who wakes up early just to experience the application of makeup and play with products, it did deter me from the brand early on. But by looking at the products for what they are on their own, I love the idea of it.

Wisdom and Mystery are the cult favourite Eye2Eye shades for light-medium skin tones and I understand why! They have the perfect balance of pigment and shine and they add an effortless sheen to the lid. I am loving those two shades for a quick eye look that lasts all day without creasing. And the rich dark brown, Emperor, works to smoke out the other shades for a seamless day to night transition.

On the other hand, the shade Queen is a slightly different formula and it let me down. The copper base colour is sheerer than the other Eye2eyes, and a sparse rose gold glitter runs through it. The combination of the two textures leaves the product looking incredibly uneven and patchy on the eye, and it’s ugly… So in saying that, some of the shades aren’t as outstanding as others

Eyetallic Eyeshadow – Minerva (Bottom swatch)

Out of everything I ordered, THIS is the product that I have been reaching for almost every day. On the website, they are described as a cream to powder formula, but they ultimately just feel like a classic pressed pigment. They even have a sponge topper to keep the sparkle intact! It comes across quite warm in the swatch but it is a little more neutral in real life, and every time I feel like an eyeshadow look needs a little extra sparkle, I go out of my way to dig this out of my collection. I don’t know how else to express my love for this product other than AHHH! I want them to make more shades, and I will eventually collect them all!!!

Golden Glow Gel Bronzer – Gaia

Alongside the BFF Serum, I had my eye on this cream bronzer from the beginning. The best word to describe the texture of this product is ‘Gel’, as it has an almost watery consistency to it. If I had known the product was as sheer as it is, I probably would have bitten the bullet and purchased the next shade down, as Gaia only just suits me when I am tan free. The next shade down is also the darkest, so the variety is a little eh for this product, but that doesn’t translate with the rest of the brand (thank god). I do love this bronzey balm formula, but I find I have to use quite a lot of it to get my desired look.

Lip2Cheek Cream Pigments – VeeBee & Freddie (Left to Middle)

These lip and cheek colours are delicious! I just knew they were going to wow me and I give them a 10/10. The finish is incredibly buildable, but you rarely go overboard as once you’ve applied, it settles down to a powder texture. In saying that, regardless of how it sets down, I’ve found I can still apply over the top of powder products without seeing any cakiness. And in my eyes, that’s a successful cream blush formula. It does not budge and continues to give a soft sheen to the cheeks all day long!

VeeBee is a vibrant, yet wearable peachy coral and Freddie is a rich berry. Freddie is a colour that is a little out of my comfort zone, but I have been LOVING it on the lips with a nude brown lip liner. As much as I don’t fancy a lip to cheek product as a lip colour alone, these do last well and leave a comfortable stain.

Flush Blush Cream Pigment – Smoogie (Last on the Right)

Although this is Trinny Londons BLUSH ONLY formula, it has a lot of similarities to the Lip2Cheeks. The flush blush formulas are slightly thicker and the pigment packs more of a punch. But the more I tried it, the more I found it to act almost identically to the other cheek products but with more impact. I originally had my eye on the shade Katrin, a cool-toned rose, but it is the most popular flush blush (no surprise there) and it was sold out when I finally decided to make my order. I opted for Schmoogie instead and it’s a plum shade that I can’t decide if I like on me, but I can still tell the formula is great and find I can pull it off when I have a little bit of a tan.

I feel like there is so much info I’ve probably left out about this brand, but this post would turn out too long if I included it all, so please do ask me any questions if I’ve left anything out!! Love you guys and I hope you enjoyed reading xoxoxxox
Lily R

Matching My Makeup To My Outfits

As a makeup lover, I am always experimenting with new textures and colours. But to accommodate this, I often end up throwing on an all-black/bland outfit to not clash with the look or take away from its spotlight. I’ve recently fallen back in love with fashion and finding unique pieces to brighten up my wardrobe, but with this habit, a lot of these unique/colourful pieces never get their time to shine. I don’t think I’m alone in this, as black outfits are easy to style and just work with everything. So I decided to work a little backwards, and put my outfit together before I sat down to do my makeup and create a look to compliment it, rather than the other way around. And let me tell you, IT WAS SO FUN! Highly recommend reaching for that yellow jumper or pair of purple pant’s and giving this a go.


These beige check print trousers always give me Harry Styles vibes, mostly due to their suit style silhouette, but they also have a pastel blue running through the pattern which happened to match this ultimate grandma knit I found at the op shop. I usually hate this shape of a sweater on me as it can make my shoulders appear broader, but I just couldn’t let it get to me because its such a fun piece to style.

Products Used:
Colourpop On Cloud Blue – Shades Playin’, Deee-light & Bright Eyed
Elf Putty Eye Primer
Elf Halo Glow Setting Powder (L O V E)
Made by Mitchell Blursh in Peach Sugar
Hourglass Vanish Highlight Stick in Champagne Flash

Once upon a time, I went through a phase where I would see any star printed fabric and I HAD to have it! But ultimately, I wanted an excuse to use some old lashes that I glued sequin stars onto. So as this look almost defeats the purpose of this whole idea, the star pattern still coordinates well. Ps. spot the huge star hoops I have on that also match perfectly.

Products Used:
Colourpop Bae Lashes
Mco Beauty Peachy Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
Mecca Cosmetica Weekend Skin Rose Cheek Tint
Nabla Skin Glazing Blush in Independence
Kosas Brightening Concealer
Fenty Cream Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow

This last look is my FAV! Not only did I match the makeup to the outfit, but I even reached for products I had that were red. It even complimented Pingu’s little nose on my earrings from Mrs C’s. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know about my love-hate relationship with Glisten Cosmetics Wet Liners as the formula is very hit and miss. Luckily this red applies smoother than most as otherwise, these liners would simply fossilize in my makeup collection.

Products Used:
Bourjois Healthy Mix Primer & BB (Best drugstore base in my opinion)
Chantacaille Radiance Gel Bronzer
Glisten Wet Liner in Lobster
Ofra Blush in Bellini
Maybelline Lifter Gloss in Stone (Soooooo delish)

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed and I’d love to see if any of you guys pull inspiration from this post, do tag me if you do xoxoxoox

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Makeup Of The Day: Valentines day 🌷

When I think of Valentine’s day, a picnic in spring comes to mind. It’s never been about gifts and girlfriends for me as I’ve always been without a partner (don’t feel sorry for me because it isn’t sad!), but I still make time to do something special. Whether it’s getting glam to feel like a bad b**ch, or putting money aside to get my hair done like it is this year. Regardless, I love any excuse to put on some themed makeup. The combination of green and pink is having a moment right now and I wanted to create a look inspired by this colour combo for the ultimate Valentines vibe.

Nyx Bare With Me Hydrating Jelly Primer & Multitasking Spray

I haven’t spoken about it on my blog, but I am on a no-buy when it comes to makeup this year in an attempt to use up some of my products. Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy these products from Nyx as they are both super drying and feel quite soapy on the skin. The hydrating jelly primer is supposed to be a dupe for the Huda Water Jelly Primer, and although I haven’t tried that, I was disappointed by the fact that this primer sucked all the moisture out of my skin. Therefore, it did the opposite of what it’s supposed to do and eliminated the chance of being a dupe for Huda’s formula. The texture is cool, but that only goes so far haha. The setting spray doesn’t make up for this and leaves my skin feeling similar. There doesn’t seem to be a high alcohol content in the ingredients, but it sure feels that way.

Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturiser

Colourpop’s base product’s never really live up to my expectations. I am so conflicted about this product because people rave about it, and I feel left out for not being as obsessed. Because it is infused with hyaluronic acid, I expected a glass-like glow similar to that of the Nars radiant tinted moisturiser (an old fave of mine), but it just looks average. I also couldn’t help but notice that the first few times I used it, if I hadn’t prepped my skin with a rich moisturiser it stuck to my dry patches and settled into my pores. It’s just a weird formula and I can’t seem to figure it out, so any advice would be helpful!

Mco Beauty Brow Collection

I have been obsessed with the Mco Beauty range lately, as they are all over socials at the moment for their affordable range that is sold in Australian supermarkets. They have some insane hits, but like any other brand, some products miss the mark. Ever since I opened their Magic Brow tinted brow gel, I have been head over heels for the full effect it gives me, and it holds them in place all day long. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but they seem similar to Makeup Revolution when it comes to creating dupe products. This means they have plenty-a-brow product to choose from. I went for the micro-brow pencil and when I first opened it, it was smooth and pigmented, but I’ve found mine has dried out within a few weeks. And when it comes to a micro brow product, if it isn’t a creamy formula it just snaps off, and this is what I’ve been experiencing.

The other product I picked up was the brow tint pen, which is similar to a felt tip liner but for your brows. They don’t seem to have many shades in this range and unfortunately, this is a little too red for me to use on its own. In saying this, I’ve found that it layers on top of the brow pencil well and adds dimension without the red tone looking unnatural.

Limecrime Venus XL II Eyeshadow Palette

Now, I wouldn’t have bought this palette if I didn’t like the colour story, but DAMN do I adore it. Considering there are only 4 mattes and the rest are shimmer, it is shockingly versatile. I can create so many different looks as each shimmer has a different finish. I have had it for a few months, but I still get giddy when I use it and am excited to play with the duo-chrome colours. In this look, I used the metallic rosy pink ‘Eve’ all over the lid and buffed out the edges with ‘Bloom’. To deepen up the outer corner I used the rich auburn shade ‘West’ and then finished it off by placing the mint green pop of colour ‘Obscure’ in the inner corner.

I also used the shade ‘Stella’ as a face highlight as it is so smooth and pearly, and it performed great!

Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer

I’m in two minds about this concealer, and I wish that I wasn’t. When I first apply it, the coverage is incredible and the finish is so juicy and radiant. But I feel like this product doesn’t agree with any powders that I use overtop, and gets super crepey and patchy. As this is still new to my collection, take what I say with a grain of salt as I can’t be sure if it’s the concealer causing this issue. Has anyone else been experiencing this?

Fenty Pro Filt’r Loose Setting Powder

Australis Sweet Like Chocolate Bronzer & Strawberries ‘n’ Dreams Blush

If you’re looking for affordable cheek products, Australis is the way to go. As you can see, I am hitting pan on this bronzer and I plan on using this up because it will be so satisfying. They both have a soft pigment yet are incredibly buildable, so you can achieve a gentle flush of colour or you can build it up to be bright and beaming. 10/10.

Limecrime Freckle Pen

Tower 28 Lip Jelly in Coconut

Thank you for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful valentines day whether it’s being wined and dined by your special someone or watching harry potter with a friend on the couch!

Lily R.

This or That | Cruelty Free Cleansing oil | Frank body VS Raww Cosmetics

I have been a fan of makeup removing cloths and face halo’s for quite a while now, and mostly started using them to reduce my ethical footprint. But I can’t deny that with being in my early 20’s, it means I can now start to see the physical changes of my skin. If I’m fatigued or lacking sleep, it shows way more than it used to, and I understand why everyone told me to stop tugging my eye when applying eyeliner. The one big problem I noticed when removing my eye makeup with a reusable cloth, was how much I had to rub and tug on my eye area to get all the product off. And with time, it became more apparent how much this would leave my eye area increasingly dark and deep-set.

With noticing this, I began my hunt for the best cleansing oil/ makeup removing balm. At this point in time, I was trying to transition to all cruelty-free skincare (my acne-prone skin did not enjoy this), so I mostly endeavoured into brands that were leaping bunny certified. And after a whole bunch of research and weighing up the pro’s and cons, I picked up the Raww Cleansing Oil and Frank Body’s Anti-makeup Cleanser, and this is how it went.

Frank Body Anti-Makeup Cleansing oil | $23.95 AUD

This cleanser is described as a clarifying oil that is jam-packed with good ingredients such as antioxidants help to firm, and vitamin c to brighten a dull complexion. When mixed with water, it turns to a milky consistency and leaves your skin clear, bright and makeup-free.

Texture-wise, this oil was a lot thicker and heavier than I expected. Because of this, I found it was difficult to spread, meaning I had to use about 4-5 pumps to melt a whole face of makeup. It’s hard to describe my experience with this without sounding negative, but it was a little difficult to use. It worked best on a completely dry face, and I found that when the product did turn into a milky consistency, it would no longer melt the makeup. But as my face was now wet, it was impossible to get every spec of makeup off without having to dry my face and start a whole new cleanse. It also did leave a bit of a residue on the skin, which might be great if you have a dryer skin type but it just felt icky. It has an overpowering coconut smell.

Raww Super Hydrate – Me Cleansing Oil | $24.99 AUD

Although this product also contains vitamin C, it is loaded with more soothing ingredients such as Matricaria flower (Chamomile) to calm the skin in the makeup removal process, and non-comedogenic macadamia oil that leaves a hydrated feel after cleansing.

The consistency of this cleansing oil is super lightweight and silky. I had no trouble melting a whole face of makeup with just 3 pumps! The smell is tropical yet not overpowering, and when mixed with water, it instantly emulsified and dissolved for a clean finish. I don’t feel like I have an icky layer left on my skin, but it does leave a plump and hydrated effect when completely rinsed off. This is great as if I’m not ready to do my full skincare routine, I can leave my skin as is without having a dry feeling.

The Verdict

Hands down, the Raww Super Hydrate me cleansing oil is the winner in my eyes. Not only do I feel it’s the best cruelty-free cleansing oil, but I honestly am confident saying it’s the best on the Australian market. When weighing up the pro’s and con’s, Frank Body is more accessible for us Aussies as we can walk in any Mecca store to buy it and feel the texture, Yet Raww can only be found online (At this point in time). There’s only a dollar difference between the two but when buying online you have to consider the shipping price.

I would recommend purchasing Raww products off of as they have a great points system that does generate useable rewards. Whereas I kept an eye on the Raww cosmetics website for quite a few months and they rarely do any sales. Even their boxing day deal was a gift with purchase rather than free shipping (in my opinion free shipping is more desirable). This small con doesn’t bother me too much because I do think the product is worth it, and I’m used to having vegan-friendly and organic products having a higher price of production.

UPDATE: Raww contacted me to inform me that they actually are stocked at Target, most Chemists and Myer stores. You can find your nearest stock list on their website here!

I hope you found this helpful and do let me know if you’ve tried any other cleansing balms!
Especially if you’ve tried the farmacy green clean range, because I have my eyes on those next.

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Disappointing Products I Tried In 2020

This past year has been disappointing in almost all aspects of life and yet to be completely honest, I feel like makeup releases were on the bottom of the list. We had an influx of new brands, influencer collaborations and incredible new formulas. Most products were outstanding, but in true 2020 spirit I picked out a few that really frustrated me, their performance and hype just didn’t add up! Let’s get into it…

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Instagram Giveaway (CLOSED)| Aus Only

This past year I have received so much love on my beauty content and I am so grateful for all of the lovely mutuals I have made that share my love for makeup and skincare. Whether it be here on my Blog, my Youtube channel or my Instagram, I wanted to give back for the support I’ve received. So I’ve been collecting some of my all-time favourite affordable products, alongside some random bits I have received and accidentally over-ordered (lol), to be able to put together a giveaway!

I have uploaded the giveaway post with the rules, and will put together a highlight explaining some of the products I’ve included and why. Unfortunately, as I am still a small creator this will only be run within Australia but my international friends don’t go un-noticed xx

Thank you for all your love,
Lily R.